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    Other Can't buy JioPhone due to T&C! Other options?

    To get a SIM, adhaar is not necessary. You only need to ask the dealer to process through paper CAF. Better go to a Jio exclusive store. Whenever they come for repossession, tell them you have lost it.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Received mine today. Thanks to @chetansha and all GO members. 1573641451 I am going to follow this tutorial. 1573642076 I guess I have to connect to serial port as pogoplug service is no longer available. Will update soon..
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    Vodafone Idea could go bankrupt if forced to pay Govt's fees

    Only this wise-man can salvage them:
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    PC Peripherals Backlit keyboard at some reasonable price? Say under 2k?

    You should look around during sales. But 2k mechanical keyboard sell too fast.
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    Fixing the state of news in India -- Need Feedback

    Good Idea. Installed & I will share feedback through this forum. 1571203349 Make a better App Icon. Not going to share my google account, so uninstalled.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Just watch TV.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Yes, mine was also cancelled same evening.
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    Audio What is your primary music listening headphone / earphone?

    I still use my old sennhieser px100.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I too ordered one.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Yes, If you want a dedicated NAS. + these have very convenient sata doc. rPi 4 is too costly,
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    I confirm.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    @chetansha please include.