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    Advice for buying a tablet- Surface Go or iPad Mini/Air

    I'm also from windows and Android camp but when it comes to tablet then there's no other name than Apple, you can go with Apple for better smooth experience, good choice of gaming (unlike windows and surface go). All in all I'd go with Apple if I were in your place and searching for a tablet.
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    May God give his family the strength to bear the loss and RIP Udit :cry:
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    Budget 15-20K K20 or Nokia 7.2?

    K20 seems better in many aspects like sAmoled apart from bezel less, cpu, battery capacity, fast charging, etc... (as you already said), software updates are not bad in redmi k20 (may not be like Nokia)
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    English TV series discussion

    Any other such english tv series on netflix?
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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020

    already ordered from and waiting for the delivery, thanks :) Edit:- rec'd TDS tester and the TDS of water is 288
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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020

    No I haven't checked the water TDS levels but I was thinking from a health point to install a water purifier and once purchasing then I thought RO would be better along with UV+UF instead of having only UV+UF.
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    Xiaomi Product launch India - SmarterLiving 2020

    Guys, I am planning to purchase the water purifier from xiaomi but I don't know the price of filters from other company, can someone already using some other company's water purifier shed some light on the price of the filter? how many times in a year do we need to change these filters Thanks
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    Budget 10-15K What to buy - RN7S or RN7P?

    better to go with RN7P which already has Havoc and great custom rom support, also has great support on Telegram.
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    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    I would like to see more of Arya and faceless god (assassin related stuff), can't think anything interesting going to happen in Jon snow's life... (beyond the wall with free folks), if there ever is a spinoff
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    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    I think Arya has the best role in this season compared to others and a good ending as well
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    how long back did you bring and from where?
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    I'm with rdst group, it's monthly @ ₹200/-
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    iOS Why is iPhone so useless but so famed?

    exactly my thoughts, anyhow I cannot afford any iphones
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    I have to quit smoking!

    bring it down to 10 initially and lateron slowly try to reduce....