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    Creative EP-630 @ Rs :400/- + Shipping Rs :60 [ In Stock ASAP Shipping ]

    Order ID: Lynx-3039 please update the status
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    Creative EP-630 @ Rs :400/- + Shipping Rs :60 [ In Stock ASAP Shipping ]

    Order ID: Lynx-3039 payment of Rs. 833 Transfered to your ICICI account please update the Status ASAP
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    [IC] Sanyo Eneloop Rechargable 4 x AA battries for Rs 825 [shipped]

    these battries are good :) hey mate can you manage this deal: Sanyo Eneloop 8 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries: Electronics
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    Slots open for seedbox

    really expensive not worth it :(
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    Car & Bike Automotive detailing products: source?

    sunny whats good for polishing Chrome ? :)
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    AMD Processors and Motherboards - BIOSTAR ADDED

    interested in AMD quad YGPM
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    1st Dhamaka For Today -Power Colour Graphic Cards

    hasn't powercolor come into India before also and gone in a couple of times i remember seeing them some were if not wrong? are they even reliable to buy looking at the previous history ? Last time i got my friend a gecube that was via tirupati distributions only and now i dont see them doing...
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    got these two from Media home eBay India: Delta AFB1212HHE 120x38mm High Speed Fan (item 220390072037 end time 11-Apr-2009 19:09:28 IST) eBay India: SoundMagic PL30 Professional In Ear Earphones PL-30 (item 220389045672 end time 09-Apr-2009 22:11:47 IST) Used the 15% off coupon Real Sweet...
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    Rapidshare's ridiculous 2.66GB/day limit!

    Seedbox is way cheaper :bleh: Simple Calculation: RS - 2.66gb Per day, 30 days = 2.66* 30 = 79.8Gb Seedbox gives u 1TB Traffic @ 850 :) ,how much u your desktop depends on your connection speed :) my vote seedbox :hap2:
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    Verbatim Pen Drives Cheap on Ebay

    found this while searching for pendrives on ebay :bleh: :bleh: eBay India: Verbatim 16Gb Pendrive USB 2.0 100% Original & Warranty (item 260321806578 end time 02-Dec-2008 15:06:20 IST) eBay India: Verbatim 8 Gb Mini Swivel Pendrive USB 2.0 (item 260322400998 end time 03-Dec-2008 11:46:02 IST)...
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    Scour: Search Engine that Pays

    Scour was founded by five students (Vince Busam, Michael Todd, Dan Rodriques, Jason Droege and Kevin Smilak) from the Computer Science Dept. of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1997 Scour has since relaunched in early 2008, as a metasearch engine combining the three most used...
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    indiaplaza no longer supporting Giftmate ?

    i see no payment option via Giftmate they have stopped ? :S
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    DO: Verbatim + Taiyo Yuden Blank DVDs and CDs

    are the Dual Layers in stock ?
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    Tata indicomm experience

    wats the equipment given to u ? do torrents work ? u able to portforward ?
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    Suggest a Simple Router

    not happy with the router Given by Airtel,keeps resetting :( i am looking for a simple Wired Router which can replace it ... can u PLS suggest me on those line,dont need wireless as i connect only one machine pls indicate the market price as well :)