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    What's the point of Cutting down Bandwidth?

    Even in India internet speeds are terrible atleast on BSNL FTTH. And since march, no matter botnet attack or not, Instagram has been terrible to browse on BSNL. Today everything is crawling.
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    Corona virus

    I have the same thing. Its not Corona. My doctor told me this has been going since 4 months. Its normally because of changing and weird weathed patterns since last year.. I was prescribed Levomac 250 twice a day.
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    Corona virus

    Lmao Trump and Mudi literally accelerated the pandemic from stage 1 to stage 3 by not taking it seriously and even mocking it. And liberals ruin everything lmao. I hope all these bhakts die from the ****ing virus and in the end we will be better off.
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    Mac OS Hackintosh or VMware version for Mac OS Catalina ?

    You will first need to check compatibility on Else you will waste days on it without result. I would suggest using a single GPU thats compatible. Hackintoshes are easily destablized with random stuff that takes ages to figure out. As for powersupply, you will need to add up...
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    Mac OS Hackintosh or VMware version for Mac OS Catalina ?

    Hackintosh. Any virtual machine over head is much higher than native. What CPU/mobo combo do you use? Yes you will need an amd card for Catalina.
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    BSNL wireless broadband Configuration needed

    broadband forum might be helpful.
  7. Party Monger - Feedback Thread

    I got refund for an order then it delivered a month later lol. Not much just 200.
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    Anyone interested in this? Current price is 3.6k. Lowest in many months.. If you are, join this Whatsapp group and post there as im going to be off TE for rest of the day. Link -...
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    Ideas for using GPUs originally bought for mining but not used.

    Give this brother an RX580 8GB for cheap
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    Home Wifi solution

    What do you need it for? Do you need mesh? Id reccomend staying away from both.
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    I agree. A lot of people I know pay 50-60k to contractors every month. You'd say this is black money, but actually each this payment gets divided into the labour of 4-6 people in a house hold. They barely get by with this. This is what Mudi calls black money. We gave the guy way too much freedom...
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    LMAO Agreed. Have him ignored to save my braincells. Should be just banned for wildly stupid insinuations and justifications. These sanghis hide behind weird theories and invent conspiracies when their stupid leader falters. Like demonatization was a complete **** up, now suddenly there was a...