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    FS: Tablet DigiFlip XT 811 16 GB Android Tablet with Case

    New one available for Rs 5999 /- from flipkart
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    Xiaomi launches Redmi 2

    Mi India @MiIndiaOfficial · 4m 4 minutes ago The price of #Redmi2 - Rs. 6,999 =)
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    iOS iPad for parents

    That link is having almost zero information about the product. Even Retina display is spelled as Ratina. Don't just go by sheer price of the product Cheapest and reliable I could find is from flipkart (Rs 27299)...
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    Android sony charges 50% of mrp for replacing screen of xperiaz

    Apple iPad 3 screen costed 19K for my cousin... No price for guessing that he simply walked out
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    Android Suggest a good deal for Samsung Google Nexus 10

    I needed a 10 inch tablet from big brands (Apple, Samsung, Asus,...). When I saw the Samsung Google Nexus 10, I got immediately hooked to it. Read that it was launched by Google itself in India, but it is not available in the Google Playstore now :( The next good deal that I could find was in...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB (Sealed, RMA'd)

    We are getting a New drive with Bill/Warranty for Rs 4325 /- from Amazon India Your should re-consider the asking price of 4300 with additional shipping charges for a...
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    Need advice on buying battery for Nokia N82

    Got a Callmate battery against advice, now regretting to core :banghead: . It was el-cheapo. There was a cello-tape like thingy in the battery. Tried to pull it off, the outer cover of the battery itself came tearing :mad: On my way to get a Nokia Genuine part :blackeye:
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    Need advice on buying battery for Nokia N82

    My 4 yr old work horse Nokia N82 :happy: mobile's battery got bulged :( t'day and I am looking for a alternate battery. Nokia care is asking 1100 for original battery. Searched online for original battery, max. I could find was 800 odd for loose packaged OEM battery. So decided to go for other...
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    Budget 15-20K Help me choose best in cdma.

    Search forums for best prices on CDMA mobiles.
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    Dual sim Andorid---I589 or Desire VC

    I am also in look for a GSM + CDMA mobile. I zeroed on Motorola XT800. Its available for around 10000 rs. Main specs below: 480 x 854 pixels, 3.7 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors Corning Gorilla Glass 512 MB RAM, 1 GB storage microSD, up to 32 GB 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels...
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    WTB Motorola XT800 or any CDMA mobile with SIM Slot

    Sorry @Himanshunegi198 I am looking for a mobile with specification comparable to Motorola XT800
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    WTB Motorola XT800 or any CDMA mobile with SIM Slot

    I am searching for a CDMA mobile with SIM slot. Motorola XT800 was the decent enough mobile that I could find with acceptable specs. Its retailing in the market for around 9000 rs Motorola Milestone XT800 Price in India, Buy Motorola Milestone XT800, Reviews & Features, Motorola Mobiles India -...
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    FS: Mobile Epic Touch new. Fascinate used.

    Does Fascinate has RUIM slot and will it support MTS? coz in the gsmarena link that you posted, it is mentioned that it a CDMA device
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    FS: Storage Hardware Sony Microvault Tiny 16 GB Pendrive

    Thanks rajkumar_pb Left positive rating :) Alerted admins to close thread.
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    FS: Storage Hardware Sony Microvault Tiny 16 GB Pendrive

    Payment received from rajkumar_pb Will be sending the PenDrive today and update him the Docket details. :)