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    Simple & cheap way to use JioFi with ethernet (PC) ? For Puppy Linux.

    I normally use JioFi with WIndows (via USB WiFI adapter). I would like to use JioFi with Puppy Linux. I want a small Linux distro installed on one of the partitions on my test PC. None of the WiFi adapters I have work OOB with Puppy Linux (including TP-WN722N , V1 !). Any easy way to do the...
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    Budget 21-30k Cheap Rig suggestion

    ^ please post prices. esp for Corsair CS450M
  3. PoBoy - Feedback Thread

    Have any of you NOT been able to leave feedback for a order ? I bought a audio cable from NiceHCK. For the past few days whenever I try to leave feedback I get a msg "System is busy! please try again 10 minutes later.". But I was able to leave feedback for another store. btw : the cable was...
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    Save this vav in Surat. Lakhi Vav.

    Vav is a stepwell. Surely you've heard of Rani-Ki-Vav, it's on the Rs 100 note now. The entrance to Lakhi vav is blocked by those branches. See :
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    Save this vav in Surat. Lakhi Vav.

    Really sad. Neglected. And abused. 300 year old vav ! More info, exact location and pics here : #SaveThis Vav
  6. PoBoy - Feedback Thread

    I bought a IEM cable from NiceHCK Audio Store. I just can't leave feedback on AE for that order. Been trying for a few days. I get this msg : System is busy! please try again 10 minutes later. But I could leave feedback for another store (AK Audio Store).
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    Android Can a (unresponsive) touch screen prob be really rectified ...

    if the above post was addressed to me, no. I'm still using my Moto X Style (along with a Samsung GS3 as backup). The middle 1cm of the Moto X Style is dead. I'm using it mainly as a camera. Can't afford a good camera phone.
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    BOOTICE & Partition Guru Free

    DiskGenius Free
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    "Intel to Cut Prices of its Desktop Processors by (10% to) 15% in Response to Ryzen 3000"
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    [Video] The monuments at Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park.

    Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located about 50 Km east of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. There are eleven different types of buildings in the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park including mosques, temples, granaries, tombs, wells, walls, and terraces...
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    Core Temp 32b 64b
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    PC Peripherals New Ryzen build, no display with Native graphics

    OK, this is a long shot. My test system has a old AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor. I faced the same prob. I have a discrete GPU along with the onboard graphics. If the BIOS 'Initial Display Output' is set to onboard graphics, I get a blank screen if my monitor is connected to the discrete GPU...
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    Bhaja (Bhaje) Caves Video

    There are local trains from Lonavala to Malavli. Monsoons would be the ideal time to go. Go by train to Lonavala, nice journey during / just after the rains. Unlike Karla Caves, Bhaja is not crowded, clean, no stalls & garbage on the way up. Bedse Caves just outside Kamshet is also worth a visit.
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    Bhaja (Bhaje) Caves Video

    Video from images using the Ken Burns effect.
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    (Photo) Guide to Panhala Fort, part 1

    Yup, that's what I noticed too. And there seems to be plenty of water, even in April. The wells were full to the top. The fort seems to be well taken care of. Clean. Only wish there were more sign boards. One reason I decided to write the guide. Regular buses from Kolhapur CST, bay 12/13, Rs...