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    Vodafone new data plans ( 1GB=Rs 150 etc)

    You'll have to search for these. Adding screenshots for 150Rs plan and supposed 250Rs plan. The price points vary according to circles. Below screenshots are for Mumbai circle. These plans are only available for 4G handsets with 4G sim. Verify the balance after recharging via USSD by direct...
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    Voltage and frequency conversion

    The price seems to be correct. I bought a 500W transformer for approx 1.8k.
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    Voltage and frequency conversion

    The frequency messes with alarm clocks and stuff which calculates time based on it. If the timers in your items are calculated based on the frequency then you'll have to compensate. You can check it out by comparing with a real clock. I am guessing the step-down converter is going to cost more...
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    Claiming insurance from 2 companies

    First company is X and second company is Y X verifies the entire claim and bills and then pays upto your allowed limit. Y needs settlement letter from X as you have submitted original docs there. Based on the settlement letter Y will pay only the remaining amount. Y may ask for documents/xerox...
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    Claiming insurance from 2 companies

    Yes you can claim from both companies. The usual procedure is to apply the entire claim with all the documents with one company who will then verify and give you a settlement letter which had the total claimed account and total amount disbursed. You then have to use this settlement letter to...
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    Hello TE ! Back after exile

    Welcome back :)
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    Bought an Xbox One in the USA

    I have the K-114, and price mentioned on box is 2.5K, got it for around 1.7k. It is around 15cmx10cmx10cm and weighs about 1.5kgs. The one mentioned by raksrules is the kind which I mentioned earlier which should not be used.
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    Bought an Xbox One in the USA

    You can buy a step down transformer if the power brick accepts only 110 V. Ensure that you buy one with proper wattage. I have an X360E which has wattage requirement of about 150 W. Bought a 250W transformer for around 1.8K in Mumbai (Vile Parle). It is a local brand but the quality is visible...
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    Graphic Cards HD6850 : Grinding Noise over 50% RPM

    If you want to try something before spending so much on a cooler, try this. Remove the fan and all the external coverings if any to expose the cooling fins. Zip-Tie a Chassis fan 120mm/90mm and power it using a motherboard fan header. This will not respond to the power setting of the GPU...
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    Car & Bike When buying car, should one go for loan even when able to pay full ?

    Opting for a loan should always be on a lower priority as you have to pay interest on that. eg. If you keep the money you have in the bank as an FD you'll get around 8-9% interest while the loan interest that you will be paying would be at least 12% which will be a net loss for you in the end...
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    Car & Bike Automatic Transmission - should we shift to Neutral at a standstill ?

    Haven't you driven an automatic abroad? How different was it? IMO all AT have Park,Reverse,Neutral,Drive modes at the bare minimum. Additional modes would include Sport etc. You will have to switch between those whenever the situation asks for it. The main advantage of an automatic in stop-go...
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    Government to pay Google $20 billion for acquiring IRCTC : FakingNews

    The recently updated website is working fine for me. Even with the earlier website the major problem was with viewing availability of seats. That can easily be solved using this plugin from indiarailinfo or by directly going to the site. Use...
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    Need adivce/opinion on Sec 194-IA TDS

    Logically it should be case 2. You should not be paying tax on another tax. i.e. TDS for Service tax. Even in the second link mentioned by @MAGNeT , the same is mentioned. "The Buyer of the Property is required to deduct TDS on Property from the Purchase price of the Property......" Do Update...
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    +1. I remove the webcam's cable on my desktop after skype calls are done. I don't want some random hack take control of the webcam and record me in a compromising position; like getting my ass kicked in Dota2 or while picking my nose. I like the idea of the paper over laptop's webcam.
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    The investments thread

    No they don't. As you have used it as a tax saving investment. All tax saving options under 80C have a minimum tenure. All this discussion is related to tax saving instruments. If you just want to invest then any regular FD will have a premature withdrawal option. For a little more risk/return...