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    Post your Rigs !

    will wait for proper braket will get mine within 2 days corsair shipped that already
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    Post your Rigs !

    Proccy : Ryzen 1700 Mobo : Asus Crosshair vi hero Ram : G.Skill Trident z 3000 Gpu : Gtx 1070 amp Monitor : Benq Ew2440l Keyboard : Motospeed ck108 Mouse : Logitech g502 Cabinet : Corsair 780T Psu : Corsair 750x cooler : Corsair H110i ( waiting for am4 bracket to come ) Hard Drive : 2x240 gb...
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    having asus z77 m pro let me know if u interested
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H100i V2 Brand New (Sealed)- In Warranty

    corsair asked for 640 rupees for am4 bracket having h110i :) proof attached
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    need i7 6700k or 7700k with mobo & ram

    need i7 6700k or 7700k with mobo & ram must be indian warranty
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    FS: Processor Core i7 6700 + Asus B150 Pro Gaming D3 motherboard + 32 GB RAM + Deepcool Gammaxx Cooler

    @Sub still on sale ?? please pm me ur best price shipped to kolkata though i only need 2x8 gb ram & don't need cooler