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    Faced fraud attempt from fraud running through old official Hitachi customer care no - complete with home visit

    The number was surrendered by Hitachi last year and has been bought by scam operator, who is directly imitating Hitachi call center. My mother had called using the number before and had it saved. Who knows if someone does not understand thinking they came from the official number and gives them...
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    Faced fraud attempt from fraud running through old official Hitachi customer care no - complete with home visit

    So mother called the number(1860-258-4848) which she had saved on her phone for Hitachi to service 1 AC and 1 remote. Two people badly dressed - without any gloves and wearing handkerchief and that black chinese mask - came. They were not even handling those masks properly. Unfortunately she let...
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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    India is fortunate to be a big enough country and I guess without as much inter-region travel or tourism. States like North East and rural areas can be opened up as long as flow to contagious regions can be checked thoroughly. Unless the flu has spread much more than govt figures show. But I...
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    What is going to be our exit strategy?

    Not sure total corona count can be so low. 15 lac people came from outside, and partly were given a simple temp test which many seem to 'bypassed', and govt only somewhat cared about enforcing voluntary self quarantine later on. Don't know city like Bangalore can have so low, or even Chennai if...
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    Lockdown gets over OR get extended ? What do you think ?

    BJP is ready with new propaganda after sound and light energy, with proof from ABP.. Lockdown is now a masterstroke without which there would already be 8lac cases. It will probably be spread on Whatsapp and the masses will lap it up like the former two
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    Corona virus in China

    ONly detailed resource I can find from an expert. Says not much data on spreading through hand/eye, can spread very easily just by breathing around
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    Android Internet working on PC via tethering, but not working on smartphone itself

    Anyone have any idea? Its an old lenovo k3 note. I've tried two different sims from different providers and tried to access internet with multiple apps and checked all the settings. Google chrome throws 'err_address_undreachable'
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    It's looking a bit like the 4g service launch as the commercial services aren't starting, though it makes no sense to give the prices so high since BB is a long haul and people won't install for a temp free offer. I never got why they priced so high when their strategy seems to be selling...
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    Airtel Xstream Fibre - 1Gbps - 3.33tb data, ₹3,999/mo

    Can anyone tell if the Bonus data they offer is monthly or for the period of six months? Their rep is telling monthly but feel he's lying. Need to choose between them and BSNL ftth for the 799 plan
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    In all this I can't understand why Jio couldn't do IPTV, did DoT really block them free peering? I think that may be the case given Airtel and others aren't doing it too. For the FUP, i think they can differentiate prices based on speed and bundles like now and offer very cheap data recharges -...
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Their content strategy with IPTV, STBs, movies, games could have been interesting but with these prices and JIO's quality, and I don't even expect their software part to be any good. Maybe they'll offer a free offer and change near future like 4g. Also don't get why ACT, Airtel, Hathway, local...
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    Budget 10-15K Smartphone with good camera (especially video) for around 10k

    Was thinking about it but it doesn't have a 1080p display and seems no video EIS above 1080p 30
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    Budget 10-15K Smartphone with good camera (especially video) for around 10k

    Something reliable that I can shoot occasional good quality videos with. Also not sure if I wait a little for some new launch 1. Budget? A: 10k, can stretch to around 15k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: I think around 5.5" max, but I just haven't used anything above that so...
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    Cheap, reliable wireless headphone, not for music

    These are quite costly.. I'm thinking if I should just get a cheap wired one, and see if the wire is really a problem. If I buy a cheap one it shouldn't have danger like shock, right? Or any cheap recommendation, something that's fine with little sweat and doesn't come off
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    Cheap, reliable wireless headphone, not for music

    Need a cheap BT headphone for Android phone that won't shock me with some sweat. Probably won't be using it for music, so even one piece(mono) is enough. No need for mic. As cheap as possible in the above criteria. Also, Amazon is so filled with Chinese crap its tough to tell whats 'branded'