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    add to cart and process further if the seller ships internationally, you will see estimate there itself. iirc it was quite high.
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    Budget 0-20k Asus Vivobook S13

    In foreign places dell and Hp give a good config laptops at lower price than india so why prefer asus ? besides some give international warranty as well.
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    Speed and ease of use. Like when GOT used to come i had to wait a lot in evenings to download those huge 10 gb torrents. Now directly downloading from Gdrive will result in a much faster speed.
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    At what max speeds can we download this local file ?
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    Budget Above 25K Phone below 40k with SD855

    Thats not that good a K/D. I consider myself as average and always had K/D over 3.5. More than 60 fps its the screen size that also helps. I felt using it on 5.2 inch screen hampered my performance. 60 fps will help for sure though. Only reached crown once when i started playing defensively...
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    Best smartwatch under 10k

    Thanks for the year late reply, i had bought the Honor 5 band and am satisfied with it.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Saw spiderman far from home, movie sucked and left halfway and read the plot on wikipedia. Also saw dark phoneix and that was slightly better maybe cos i like michael fassbender too much as a actor but still a below average x men movie.
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    RBI allows only Rs1000 withdrawal for Punjab Maharashtra Co-Op bank customers for 6 months

    All my savings are in jana bank as their interest rates were very good and This made me very worried. Even if a bank closes the max liability fixed by govt in 1994 is just around 1 lakh rupees.
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    Visa Signature - Denied compliemntary entry into Mumbai Airport lounge - How to complain?

    ok. so for 1000 rs a year i get multiple access to the lounge? would be nice to go a few hours early there and drink a few bottles when going to pick dad as i dont really air travel
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    Visa Signature - Denied compliemntary entry into Mumbai Airport lounge - How to complain?

    Since ive never been to a lounge in airport what all is offered there? Free snacks ? Also Whats the annual fee of the CCs generally like which offer this facility ? I use a super cheap rs 500 a year CC so wanna know which cards give this facility.
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    Study reveals cruel practices in Indian egg farming: Why it’s a cause for concern

    Are the fee range really free range ? In india i am doubtful since nobody checks. Similar happened to milk inudstry where we get these organic milk 25% more cost but have seen its just marketing tactic to target rich high society women. there was vene a viral video of a guy putting amul milk in...
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    #Logut Campaign by Restaurant Owners

    Have used zomato gold so many times now and has been worth it. The issue is govt. now stopped input gst credit which has now resulted in 12-18% more cost in some area for the restaurents. Instead of asking govt they thought lets target aggregators to get back to same level. Logout without giving...
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    Are you okay with someone occupying your flight seat?

    Lol dont be such a pushover. I personally give seats only if the other seat is just as good or if surroundings ok. I once gave my seat in a train to a family and made efforts to go to the next coach but then saw there was a real fat guy sitting and the seat itself looked wobbly. As you know...
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    Budget 41-50k Laptop store refused to let me benchmark their system, am i unreasonable ?

    tha ks to all. i guess theres a i5 version of this laptop with a m2 ssd of 512gb. i will order that when i see a sub 45k price