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    Audio What is your primary music listening headphone / earphone?

    What is the single most used personal music listening wired / bluetooth headphone / earphone you use and recommend others as well? You may be using it for the convenience it offers or it can be it's stellar sound quality or both. Just list down yours and also the reasoning. Lets see what TE...
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    I agree. It is cumbersome. I use it only because I consume most of the media on my tablet and prefer direct downloading on tablet and 80% of the times, for some odd reason, torrents would not start downloading on my tablet (be it public or private tracker).
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    Laptop as full time PLEX server ?

    I am considering running a Plex server (for personal use) on my home laptop. Is this a good idea? Reason being, my almost brand new laptop is almost useless at this point since its (touch) screen has gone bad and it does not light up and only way to use it is to connect to TV Via HDMI. This...
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    Well, for some reason, the bot does not give option to directly download file from within telegram. It only has option of zip and gdrive. I have linked gdrive from a spare gmail account to this. So the process is like this... 1. Provide the .torrent file to bot 2. Bot downloads the torrent data...
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    Airsoft / Airguns

    Did you actually shoot car windscreen?
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    @torrentleech_bot Allows you to download torrent on the bot's server and then you can download it locally (but not directly). File gets deleted after 3 hours or so after downloading on their server. It is like a seed box. If you remember torrific, this is similar.
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    Telegram Bots - List down the ones your found useful / interesting

    @admins, if not allowed, please delete. Opened this thread to gather telegram bots that you found useful. We aren't talking about groups but bots. List down yours.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Stupid question but what is this used for?
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    Laptops Lenovo Flex 6 - 14 Inch. Display stopped working, display on external monitor works, cannot claim warranty

    Update: Seems I spoke too soon. The screen itself is gone and needs changing. Probably looking at 12K-17K expense. Will decide on it once I get a quote.
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    All OS How are you repurposing your old tablet / phone?

    We know we don't always sell off our old mobile phones or tablets. In most cases, they lie in drawers gathering dust. This thread is to help each other repurpose or old mobile phones and tablets. If you already doing it, show off your usage. I will start with my iPad 2 I bought back in 2012 and...
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    Torrent won't download on Android tablet, works fine on Laptop

    I have given the access and sporadically it will work. It is not like it doesn't work 100% of time, I would say it works 5% of the time.
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    FS: Home Audio Video 2x Open Box Wyze Cam IP Camera

    Bump...if you are in Mumbai, you can pickup as well on weekend.