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    TE has become more of a opinion/gossip forum

    And not a good thing. Each individual has their opinion on each thing in life and they differ (and thats absolutely normal). But they dont have to stuff their opinions onto each other. This forum is supposed to be a place to keep all those away and focus on tech. PS: I know opinions differ on...
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    Getting charged a GST on forex markup for international card txns?

    Your card provider is charging you a fee for the forex service its providing and ofcourse they will levy service tax/GST on the same. This has been the case all the while. Nothing new.
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    Suggest Multi-function Laser AIO Printer

    The problem with inkjets is they tend to dry and clog if you dont use the printer frequently. I went through 2 inkjets before I switched to this. Both HPs didnt last more than 2 years. I dont blame the brand/printer for it.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    TADA! Just arrived - With Gateron Yellows Will replace few caps and try things out. If I like it, will replace the base with AL one
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    Suggest Multi-function Laser AIO Printer

    I have been using Samsung M2876ND for 2+ years without any problems. Now in its 3rd toner cartridge (clones). Its a wired network printer and has been Linux friendly :) Also use it through Google cloud print. Caution: Ive heard few bad things(non-availability of cartridges, cartridge life too...
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    Suggest Mechanical Keyboard

    If you just want to change it because you are bored, why not MS natural? and next it could be something else. I dont know much about 'Gaming Keyboards'. I look into whats best for my typing (ofcourse mechanical). With these cheap ones, you are basically downgrading to lower quality ones. That...
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    Suggest Mechanical Keyboard

    I would suggest not to get one under 3k if you already have TVS. Most of the sub 3.5-4k keyboards have cheap and scratchy switches. I have a TVS and a chinese one with early Kailh switches. I feel TVS is much better. Rather than keyboard brands, look for what switches they use. Better upgrade...
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    23% of Indian freelancers earn upto Rs 60 lakh per annum

    Have been lurking on this thread for sometime. Finally thought of posting few things. Think I can add some inputs as I have been a freelancer for more then a decade now. Few common factors - * Be it job or freelancing, nothing comes easy. Nothing in this world thats worth having comes easy - My...
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    Storage Solutions Adding SSD to Lenovo G5080 along with primary HDD

    @Nolasco - Did the upgrade work for you? Tried upgrading the same one my cousin has and the drive in the caddy is missing most of the time. Could never get it to boot. Tried 2 caddys and both had the same issue.
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    Laptops How much perfomance improves with a SSD ?

    Increase in RAM will improve your browsing experience - more number of tabs and less sluggish rendering Switching to a SSD will improve startup time, loading of apps and file transfers
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    PayPal : "Your latest tax invoice is ready for download."

    If you are registered under GST, you can offset GST deducted by Paypal to what you owe (Paypal's invoice should also have your GSTIN mentioned). Else, you can just ignore it. EDIT: And ofcourse if its a business expense
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    Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Echo Plus India Launch (Prime Subscription Free)

    Is this invite thing just hype? I got an invite to my business account even though I had not requested for one.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Most of the youtube reviewers are BS. I stopped watching gadget reviews on youtube. What sealed the deal for me is the pricing of 70-200 FL in India. The price difference is lot less over here than in US. Next time, get your glasses here :)
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Have planned on couple of things - Automating media streaming related things and one more was bit work related. Got 2 but a friend snatched one. Tamron 70-200 G2 is an awesome lens. Focus breathing was the only killer for me. I am still considering 24-70 G2 but waiting for other usage reviews...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Recent wallet drainers (sorry for the bad IQ)-