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    How can I find out who is stealing electricity?

    Has the govt increased the Tarrifs recently in your state. In my state, govt reduced subsidy, thereby increasing tarrifs for the highest category(above 300 units) by Re 1, but the new tariffs are applicable from this month.
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    How can I find out who is stealing electricity?

    Yeah. The bill was definitely accurate. Out of the 3 months they were going to office for 1 month. I think Telangana also has one of the highest tariffs in the country. My question was about compensation. I know many companies are not providing TA these days because employees don't have to...
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    How can I find out who is stealing electricity?

    BTW, has anyone over here, who is working from home, asked your employers to compensate for high electrical usage. My brother and his 2 roommates received a bill of 36k for last 3 months in Hyderabad. Bill was accurate and their usage had obviously skyrocketed due to using 3 ACs and 3 high end...
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    Has anyone used Indiamart?

    If you are looking for something generic, then just try to find a dealer closest to you. They do have an escrow process as they have advertised it to me at times, but I didn't explore that option...
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    Portable Audio situation

    No it doesn't. I use the 9038s with a normal USB-C to USB-C cable. The issue is only with some phones which won't provide power through the USB-C port for some reason.
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    Has anyone used Indiamart?

    I have bought from many sellers on Indiamart. Biggest order was 50k. It is a transaction based on trust, but I think they do have an escrow service as well. Have bought from Moglix and Industrybuying as well. Industrybuying can be slow at times, especially when handling refunds, but still never...
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    Portable Audio situation

    Why not check out some micro DAC/AMPs which can be used with your phone? I was ready to blow some money as well but I came across a post on HiFi forums and ordered the E1DA DAC from Aliexpress. The guy who makes them is a genius. I have his 9038s and it has 1W of power in such a small package...
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    Audio Why is everyone throwing away their wired headphones

    I've had completely different experience. I have seen nearly all of my friends' who tried my HD650 clearly notice how detailed and airy the cans sounded. They are no audiophiles but do love listening to music. Same had happened many years before when I had bought Soundmagic PL-50 and Hifiman...
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    Bosch Washing Machine Drum Replacement

    It's definitely not true. How naive are you guys if you want to believe everything a mechanic says? I have been using a Bosch washing machine since 2013 with Ariel Front Load detergent powder. No issues faced till now.
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    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 2 XL (128 GB)

    Just for the information of everyone, Li-ion batteries don't degrade much even if unused for years. The condition is that they should be stored at 1/3rd charge or less. This experience is from using batteries with power tools. With older NiCd batteries there used to be a major issue which was...
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    Wish to buy a hair clipper new

    The MRP on the box which I had to return to Myntra was 1695 and still they sold to me for 1800.
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    Home Automation - 75+ devices - From Domoticz to Home Assistant

    Wow man. 80 devices. My first attempt itself has run into issues. I was using a Sonoff Smart Wall Touch Switch - This was connected to a magnetic contactor which then runs my 1.5HP water pump. Idea was that since a smart switch is usually not available for...
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    How's lockdown?

    Which hill state are you heading out too? Both Himachal and Uttarakhand aren't allowing non-residents and even then there is compulsory institutional quarantine if coming from a red zone. Also just heard, that Char Dham Yatra is gonna resume for Uttarakhand residents.
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    Got diagnosed with COVID - 19
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    Xiaomi laptops launched in India.

    Yeah. That's what I did. I first setup Bootcamp which allowed me to download the drivers. After trying Bootcamp, I found that MBA worked very well with Windows so I then went ahead and installed Windows via a pen drive and completely removed MacOS by formatting the hard drive.