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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Aura Black, 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage, Snapdragon 855)

    You sure this has Indian warranty ? Samsung Products bought overseas does not carry Indian warranty.
  2. rkkaranrk - Feedback Thread

    You can open dispute only once the delivery time ends (Buyer has 15 days time after that to open dispute) @doom2010 wait till the delivery period once it ends open dispute if u haven't received the items.
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    FS: Mobile iPhone Xs 64GB Gold Mint Factory unlocked

    The price and you don't get invoice for it if u buy it in India.
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    FS: Headphone Apple Airpods

    @ayaskant12 leave feedback for me.
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    Wireless headset For gaming

    I have Sennheiser Cx.700BT lying unused PM me if interested.
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    FS: Mobile Oneplus 6 8gb 128gb Version

    So this been sitting in the drawer for such a long time.... Need this gone, PM ur offer.
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    Help me to find out the best gimbal for phone

    I have a Zhiyun Smooth 4 lying unused for a long time used for an hour or so, PM if interested in buying it.
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    FS: Headphone Apple Airpods

    Received as described, Feedback left.
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    Ali Express Fraud

    Looks like it's the first time you had bought something from Ali, I would say be patient and wait for the package to arrive your money is safe either i get the order u placed or you'll get thr money back. Also be ready to pay some good amount as import duty. [emoji1787]
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    Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky

    That white cover has nothing to do with reception check your wire from the dish till television, Also only the LNB can be changed and Tata Sky does that and charge around 300 if I remember correctly not sure though.
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    FS: Mobile Oneplus 6 8gb 128gb Version

    Price drop to 20k need this gone.
  12. rkkaranrk - Feedback Thread

    How come Ali express liable for it ?
  13. rkkaranrk - Feedback Thread

    They know that you are the same guy who already got the 3$ discount. Use a new account with a new card/New PC/Phone /Different IP.
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    iPhone XS/XS Max 256GB Mint/Scratchless Condition

    Any interest in XR ?
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    FS: Others Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm

    Why would u like to know how I got the watch I did mention it in the sale thread how I got it, But it was hard for u to understand. I did not twisted ur words u really don't know the meaning of bundle offer, BUNDLE OFFER IS IF U ARE BUYING 'A' AND YOU'RE GETTING THE 'B' WITHIN THE SAME PACKAGE...