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    WTB Cpu , Mobo , RAM 10-13k

    bump , still looking . Budget is flexible from 5k to 12k
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    WTB Cpu , Mobo , RAM 10-13k

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    WTB Cpu , Mobo , RAM 10-13k

    Looking for a cpu , mobo ram combo around 10-13k range that can play games on medium high settings . I have a good gpu and psu to support all . For new i have shortlisted ryzen 3400 , 320chipset mobo and 8gb ram . Let me know your offers . Also i am not in a hurry . Can wait for offers .
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Planning to sell some items after the lockdown is lifted . I am posting on this forum after a long break , kindly let me know the prices these items can fetch . Intel i3 540 , gigabyte h55m-d2h board , 4*2 = 8gb DDR3 RAM , corsair vx 450 power supply . All in working condition . Only ram has...
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    Graphics card around 10k

    Need a graphics card around 10k . Open to reasonable offers .
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    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Card sold to a fellow member. Closing thread.
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    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Bump with a price drop.
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    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Price drop and BUMP Rs2900 only
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    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Added new PICS with price cut . NOW , ONLY Rs 3000
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    FS: Video Card XFX HD 7770

    Sorry for the dust , since i am using the card right now it is still installed in the pc . I will clean it once when i remove it from the case . Never overclocked the card and also always used a high quality power supply(corsair vx550) even though this card is very power efficient . Completed...
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    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 660 (with >1 year warranty) -- Sold

    Payment done today via neft ,
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    Audio 5.1 Sound System for PC under 6k ?

    15-16k on speaker + soundcard ! Is it worth it ? If you add just 3-4k more you can get an entry level AVR+speaker pack . Also can check used adds
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    FS: Mobile LG G2 32GB D802 | Excellent Condition | Invoice | Box | Acccessories (All Sold Out)

    Are you interested in exchanging your g2 with 1.5 months used sony experia z1
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    WTB Cheap laptop

    Hi , need a cheap laptop for watching movies . Not much into gaming but should run WIN 7 fine . HDMI out is a plus. Local sellers preferred . I am from Navi Mumbai BTW . Budget is less . 10-13k only . Lower the better .
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    Budget Above 25K Z1 or G2

    I must admin i over exaggerated when i said that there are over 500 pages . But there are many similar threads . I am also not much into gaming . The only Heavy game i played was plants vs Zombies 2 . And some regular games like chess or Cards . Heating issue is there even while browsing . Say...