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    Readers Galore

    Gadgets for reading - And for watching movies Apple Ipad 2 Kindle DX Sony PRS 500 Click here to view the gallery.
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    [PN] Amazon India entry with

    As was being speculated for some time, Amazon today launched its India operations with The platform, which Amazon says is still in beta, offers more than 1.2 crore products from over 14,000 brands and hundreds of retailers. Amazon lists Homeshop18, UniverCell, Hidesign, Gitanjali...
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    [PN] Future of file sharing sites!

    As the news of the crackdown on hit the internet, it became very clear that we don't need laws such as the SOPA and PIPA to crackdown on piracy and illegal content on the internet. What started with Megaupload has had cascading effect with many major file hosting services acting...
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    Steve Jobs passes away

    RIP :( A man who has inspired a generation. Story pushed to portal.
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    Geohot asks for donations, sets up a new blog!

    Agreed. There is little doubt that what he has done has opened ps3 to piracy. Even if one buys the otheros argument, you are free to address that issue legally. If you believe you have been wronged and have a good case, go to court and fight it and win the case (this, for the advertised feature...
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    Kindle DX

    ^^ I know, I was looking for that functionality myself a couple of years back and trust me, DX is not the solution. Tiresome eyes on tablet anyday are better than zooming in and out on native pdf technical docs. Slu9WpNnFp8
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    Kindle DX

    PDF's are actually still an issue even on the big screen. I suggest you read a bit on the Kindle DX right there on Amazon (comments) Yes it can read PDF's and big screen helps but its no rosy experience. You have to zoom in and out quite a bit which gets tiresome, the pics don't work well at...
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    PDP gives away J&K parts to China, Pak in slide show

    I couldn't have thought of a better response myself. Kashmir and Tibet comparison, indeed! Maybe you could read again before commenting next time. Good Point.Actually if all of them resort to similar tactics as the guys in Egypt did, i don't think we have a response. Well the bright side is...
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    PDP gives away J&K parts to China, Pak in slide show

    Not really. The communist have no intention of the kind of global domination you are attributing to them :P The growth is necessary for them to survive. Banyan: The party goes on | The Economist Communist China at 60 - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace There was an excellent...
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    PDP gives away J&K parts to China, Pak in slide show

    The whole of Chinese strategy is to ensure high economic growth and instigate nationalistic feeling among the dominant class to perpetuate the rule of the communist government. Any actual military activity which can disrupt global economy will be counterproductive to China itself. A...
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    PDP gives away J&K parts to China, Pak in slide show

    Which region is that? If you mean Aksai Chin, then you are wrong. People of that region have nothing to do with China. Infact, down south and west, all of Tibet would have nothing to do with China but for the forced movement and settlement of the Han Chinese, who themselves have now formed a...
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    IDM Getting stuck at 99 %

    Rs 1350. :) Adorn India : Internet Download Manager (IDM) Reseller in India Although, if you hang around till labor day, you will get it for half the rate. Atleast when i bought, it was half and i have seen such rates every year.
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    php code not working

    ^^ Was that pseudo code or actual code? If actual, try to stick to standards :P Stylesheets in header. And you really should sanitize your $_POST ;) Use the iframe method instead to embed. So that would be <iframe title="YouTube video player"...
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    One more bites the dust!!

    Now we have to contend with a real Renu :P
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    Shocking Thread of a TE member on T BHP, being drugged

    If that person has pulled this stunt(putting drugs in drinks at someone else's house) so cleanly, he looks to be a professional thief. Its not the easiest of the things to do and with such panache. I highly doubt he would be dumb enough to leave an obvious trail of IP addresses that can be...