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    Suggestions needed on i-teq X-Bond Mobile..

    thanks for the reply mate... well had seen the "bond" model it was really looking like a china made toy.. but this X-Bond looks a bit more attractive, the price is 140 Dinars, approx 15k indian rupees.
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    Suggestions needed on i-teq X-Bond Mobile..

    here's the link for that mobile i-teq X-BOND
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    Suggestions needed on i-teq X-Bond Mobile..

    Can anyone tell me is it worth buying it?
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    Immigration check

    can't download it :(..............
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    State of the art . . .

    was a good one.... had a real good laugh .. keep posting........
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    Today's PJ...

    Tortoise and rabbit gave CET exam and tortoise got 80% and rabbit got 81%. Both wanted admission in a good engineering college, cut off was 85%. Rabbit dint get but tortoise got… :( How…. :huh: .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...
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    Which File Extension Are You?

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    Chiriya uri!!!!

    that was a cute one liked it.....very much..
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    Call Center

    that was cool.. liked it n watched it till the end even when am at office.. lolzz nice one...
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    Julie aur Sulie

    bahut serious story hai ..pad kar aankhon mein pani aa jaayega ekdum....mumbaiyya.....ishtyle.. Julie aur Sulie do ben log rehta hai. Ben log maane.........judwaa. Lekin dono main fark bole to solid. Julie ekdum Smart, bole to jhakaas rapchik piece aur Sulie bole to ekdum halki...
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    Sholay revisted ...!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: liked it very much.. good one buddy....
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    Doctors Certificate For A Software Professional

    lolzzzzzzzzz.. temme is it a valid one.. wanna use it .. seriously.. hahahahahhahahahahaha
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    Londoner parks his brand new Porsche

    had got a similar one in mail..
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    Urgent info required regarding smart card readers..

    Thanks buddy for the links.. will be going through it.. well teh advanced thanks was.... b'coz i know i wont be out of those links now.. lolz neways leave that,..thanks a lot ... take care.. will be back with my views n detailed requirements if those links weren't enough hope u don't mind.....
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    Urgent info required regarding smart card readers..

    yeah want an interface so that i could get the data stored in that card on computer and then process the data in it accordingly with oracle forms... just that i want to know what's the data stored in that card.. is there any way buddy???