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    Which bank to choose for Savings account?

    I had same issue of property insurance with SBI, they deducted a amount of 20k without informing me.
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    FS: Others Amazon Gift Card worth Rs 50,000

    You cannot buy gift cards with gift card balance
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    Moto G4 Launch on 17th May, to be Amazon India Exclusive

    G turbo is 8k today in lightning deal, ordered one
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    Amazon India is becoming a Joke day by day. Please keep your eyes open when dealing with them.

    I remember returning a moto g phone on eBay as it was not in the condition as mentioned in the listing, paid return delivery about 1200 and was refunded the amount in form of eBay coupons after 3 months. Also if you raise a dispute on eBay they would try reaching you once, if you miss the call...
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    Is our country a lost cause ?

    I guess we need a change in attitude, all news channel only love bashing .. Bashing government employees, bashing government and bashing politicians. We need to start also identifying and appreciating the people doing good.
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    iPhones Are Not Designed To Operate In Indian Environment

    Frankly a missing pin is damage, but try your luck with escalating it to apple India. And the service offered for anything in India is usually bad, even though it's a US based company, same story for Dell.
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    Amazon Prime is now in India!

    They have the independence day sale , do not expect fast delivery
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    Android Is MI Pad 1 worth it?

    4:3 display would leave a band on top and bottom for all HD content that's 16:9. The MI pad is good for everything else.. Browsing, e books and gaming
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    Epic fail by BJP govt. in gurgaon in yesterdays rain!

    So you mean the obsessiveness that everything wrong with delhi is because of modi is all true?
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    Epic fail by BJP govt. in gurgaon in yesterdays rain!

    Was this the first rains of the year in that region? What's the normal rain in mm expected in that region? It's just that we start bashing even without knowing what exactly happened and what's the cause of the water logging?
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    Credit card declined---On what CIBIL reasons??

    Respective bank
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    Hiding my download & browsing history

    To hide torrent download, SSL might help
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    Amazon.In: Tablets, Laptops, Electronics No Longer Eligible for Refunds

    They should add a restocking fee for returns like US Amazon.
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    Need help with term insurance

    Who would pay the annual charges in case of disability?
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    Just 1% of population pay taxes in India

    There were different numbers two days back, only 4% file their tax. With agriculture as biggest employer, they are all exempted from paying taxes.