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    The Indian Politics Thread

    RaGa will win this time. Modi = Al Gore
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    Samsung Wave III

    ]For Sale Product Information On behalf of a friend. [attachment=13674:IMG_20120506_110256.jpg][attachment=13676:IMG_20120506_110328.jpg][attachment=13674:IMG_20120506_110256.jpg][attachment=13680:IMG_20120506_110729.jpg] Product Name: Samsung Wave III Expected Price: Rs 13500 Shipping...
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    PS3 Games : Uncharted 3 (Code Used) / Transformers War for Cybertron

    I am interested in UC3. For 1300 shipped mumbai. Please lemme know.
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    The HP Touchpad / WebOS Thread

    Did you update it? If so, we will have to wait for the uberkernal patch.
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    Amazon's tablet - Press event on 28th Sep,2011

    @stalker - Warranties are still valid on the touchpad. Its all out on ebay. 15k shipped to india and all that stuff. Also the android that cm is building is dualboot and easy i suppose.
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    Amazon's tablet - Press event on 28th Sep,2011

    Get a HP touchpad at 13-15k instead. 10 inch IPS display, 1.5 ghz dual core processor, 16 gb hdd. Android around the corner. Its a no brainer.
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    The HP Touchpad / WebOS Thread

    So did you buy it? :)
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    Canon 1000D DSLR with 18-55 IS lens

    I have pmed you.
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    The HP Touchpad / WebOS Thread

    HP Touchpad Keep this link handy. --- Updated Post - Automerged --- So what are you using for comics and Manga? Comicshelf HD?
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    Samsung Focus + WP7 Mango Beta 2 Review

    GChat Is A Google Talk Client For Windows Phone Mango Gtalk is available.
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    Which Song is this ?? Help Needed !! Jump-In Everyone

    Its definitely dubstep. so its arabic dubstep. Narrows it down a bit.
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    BCA or PGDBA

    Ok I have 7 years of work ex. So thats it then. Thanks for your help.
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    BCA or PGDBA

    Hi friends, What should I go for? BCA from IGNOU or etc or PGDBA from Symbiosis? both distance learning. Note that I have a Diploma in Computer Sciences and work ex of close to 7 years. Also does a PGDBA (2year) effectively mean I am a post graduate? Any answers would be helpful. Thanks!
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    ISRO builds India''s fastest supercomputer SAGA-220

    sad joke, overdone to death. still amusing :)