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    Super Stylish phone with Good Battery Life

    I need to buy a phone having good looks and a good battery life. I don't need many features, a normal 2MP or more camera would do and FM would be preferable. It shouldn't be bulky though. I had earlier decided on LG KF510, but it seems from reviews that its battery life is not that good...
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    CPU/Mobo E-4300 in India ?

    Sorry for bumping this one... But does anyone what's the current price of this processor now, specially in New Delhi. I intend to make one core2duo rig soon, with this procc.
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    Graphic Cards Display Problems

    Yeah that works sometimes,i remember my old westron TV used to work that way, when image was screwed up :ashamed: .As they say " Laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante " :lol:
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    CPU/Mobo [Solved] mouse left button died

    If the mouse really has gone bad, its most the probably the click switch which has died. Happened to me also once, but you can fix is easily, provided you know soldering.Open up the mouse, Unsolder the middle mouse botton switch(assuming you don't use the middle mouse botton), replace this...
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    Delhi Guys...Help Needed

    But the max GPRS speed phone supports is 48 Kbps, so how u'r 60Kbps :huh: R u using EDGE or WCDMA phones ?
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    Which game engine would you prefer !!!

    Though i voted for doom3, but i second that, gta sa is way more entertaining than all the 3 games combined(an engine is no good if you dont have fun :P)
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    Delhi Guys...Help Needed

    Does this GPRS include include surfing the net from PC using mobile as GPRS modem.Also can anyone from delhi confirm, is this scheme available in Delhi, I couldn't find any tariffs on airtel website.
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    Dual core on windows/linux and Intel/AMD-Anandtech review

    ^^There are already some applications which benefit tremendously from dual core procc's like audio & video encoders.You would experience a big boost when Microsoft Vista arrives, nice investment, i must say :)
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    Delhi Guys...Help Needed

    Thanx for replin, dude :) So i guess Hutch would be best bet bothways.
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    Delhi Guys...Help Needed

    I would soon be moving to Delhi and i would purchasing a new mobile connection there. So which has the Best network among Airtel, Idea and Hutch.Also i would be requiring GPRS services, so which would provide me with the cheapest.
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    Final PS3 more powerful than E3 demo?

    I don't think r500 core of ATi GPU in Xbox 360, is just steriods based r300 core, its completely different And besides you can't use r5xx core to refrence the Xbox GPU. R520 core for PC's, would be different from this r500 core. R500 is actually more closely related to the R600 in architecture...
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    Final PS3 more powerful than E3 demo?

    Xbox 360 looks pretty good too, its specs are awsome, its got triple-core proccessor and i have a inner feeling that ATi's tech. in Xbox is gonna be much better nVidia's 'cause its very futuristic. Sure, stastical numbers present a different picture, but they always don't turn out that way when...
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    Need Phone with Handwriting Recognition

    I wanted the Handwriting Recog. Feature, 'cause it looks really cool, and i also don't like typing SMS'es through the keypad,lot of work ;) and to impress someone Well its a old thread, and i have bought a phone, settled for Nokia 6600, 'cause i couldn't find a new SE p800, and Moto a925...
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    Dell launches sub-$100 laser printer

    What's the big deal, Samsung's Laser Printer with 600dpi resolution and 17ppm are available for $77 these days.