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    Samsung Corby Pro.. Review required

    what is battery life like ? I am using motorola and it sucks when it comes to battery ... max one day charge :(
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    ~ The Mobile Phone Advisor ~

    Please advice on mobile between 10-12k 1. Good Camera (Geo-Tagging would be +) 2. Good GPS 3. Battery Life
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    Nokia N95 & Motorola Q ( CDMA Tata Indicom )

    still on ? ygpm ......
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    Hi Guys n Gals

    welcome .. even i am pro @ Freecell :D
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    Building a tennis game

    Considering extremely simple gameplay (no physics, just meshed graphics, no shaders :P ) , it wouldn't much difficult if you just use python .. fun part would be graphics, if you use DirectX/OpenGL etc it will require substantial coding... I would say just start off & see how it goes... in...
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    Am I cheating Airtel or is this allowed?

    " bad boi bad boi , cheater sheater !!! , i stole daddys modem " Hilarious ...
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    MP3 Player advice

    where did you got Sansa Clip+ from ?
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    T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream + Accessories

    Please hold it for me... & yes better pics :P
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    MP3 Player advice

    d2 is touchy :P and ha video playback (not complaining but i may save for headphones ) a bit sturdy one should be better I am a bit rough handler
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    Wanna Enter the Real Programmer's World

    My advice in this already very infromative thread... For real programming -Participate in good programming competitions/projects (ICCC, google summer of code etc) -Learn to read great programmes, (ever read source code of ls ? great style) -Participate in mailing lists of gcc, valgrind -Try to...
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    MP3 Player advice

    Hi all... I am thinking of buying a mp3 player which should have -FLAC support -FM -expandable memory (microSD) -NO NEED for video playback -smallest size possible budget ~10k
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    ~ The Mobile Phone Advisor ~

    Hi I am thinking of buying mobile phone with budget around 20K Should be touch screen. I've thought of HTC Tattoo any other suggestions?
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    GO : Sennheiser CX400 , in-ear earphones for < 1.8k

    count me in too , if not ordered yet...
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    Which Antivirus is good ?

    I dont use any But my friend has kaspersky and it looks nice but quite heavy . Try it.
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    CPU/Mobo Does Barcelona / Phenom Really Help AMD??

    I dont think any manufacturer goes to lower sizes before ensuring perfect yield... AFAIK the larger size componmnents are created first and then their lower size counter parts as the fab process improves so the stability and yield.. lower die sizes means lower power transistors .. some...