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    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    Yes. I remember buying quite a few items from Katmandude in GOs. HTPC Case (Antec Fusion Veris 430 HTPC Case), HTPC specific Motherboards (MSI Media Live DIVA Motherboard), RAM, Philips Remotes, Windows Media Center Remote, CPUs and CPU Coolers, Verbatim Taiyo-Yuden Blank DVDs, Multiple TV tuner...
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    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    You should be fine.
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    Anybody heard of

    Hi, I am looking for Mitsubishi A/Cs that see that has the lowest price online. Have anyone heard of them? Any feedback you could share? Thanks, Srikanth
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    I never knew Udit until today but really saddened to hear the news of his demise while at the same cannot stop admiring how he handled challenges life threw at him. RIP Udit.
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    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    You can get it at
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    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    Hanna Pen type pH meters do not have a replaceable electrodes. They are fairly reliable for my Hydroponic usage considering that they cost around 400 - 500 only. You get a pH solution (I think the one I have is pH 7). I adjust the pH of the meter to 7 to calibrate once in a while when I think...
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    Anybody using LED Grow Lights?

    @Dr.Lakshay - Any feedback on your grow light performance? I have finally received my grow light yesterday. Will put it to use in about a week.
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    Suggest a Tower AC for Open Hall

    Hi, I am in need of an AC for my Open Hall, Dining and Kitchen area. It is 12 ft x 40 ft x 8ft (height) with an open arch on the west side along the 40' wall and a door in the kitchen that would open to the outside on the South. The East and North are closed. I was initially looking into...
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    Windows Tool to Organize (Edit/Delete/Rename/Tag/Album) media files (photos/video) in different formats/folders

    I used to use a software called DCE AutoEnhance in the late 90s / early 2000s. The cool feature it had was that you could do batch processing of a full folder and have the date and time printed on it along with any custom text (font, color, location of the text etc). So I used to process them...
  10. S - Feedback Thread

    Finally my LED lights that was order on Dec 8th has moved out of Beijing on Jan 28th. Guess what? The next destination is Kolkata Airport Sorting Office. Just my luck. Lesson: Never ever use ordinary posts. Always use SingPost.
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    A perk from Google ...

    I too have received these socks last year. What the hell are we supposed to do with it?
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    Home Wifi solution

    You need to take into account that it was 2005. I am not sure if CAT 5e was widely available then.
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    Home Wifi solution

    Really? I have 1 gigabit version and 2 non gigabit versions in use for the last 3 months. I set them to restart at night. I have now purchased the gigabit version again.
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    Home Wifi solution

    The gigabit version of the iball mesh is now again available at 1.5K .