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    Honor 8 Pro launched at 30k (6GB,128GB); 4000mAh battery

    Samsung is going to launch a 5.3" Infinity Display Samsung S8 Mini, which will have footprint of 4.5" regular bezel phone. Buy that. Its comparable to 820. Honor 9 rocks the same Kirin 960 chip that you'd find in the Huawei P10, which should be plenty fast in everyday usage but it's a...
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    Budget Above 25K OnePlus5 or Honor 8+

    Get Honor 8 Pro - Better Camera - SD Card Slot - Better design - Stunning looks - More Storage - 2K Display - Bigger Battery - 3K Saving Order a transparent case as well, do not use fragile glass back 8 Pro without it.
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    Budget Above 25K Suggest a new phone 40k budget

    Hi guys I am confused between 3 phones - 1. Samsung S7 Edge - 41k Pros: Stunning looks, Marvelous Display, still a Great Camera, Great A.S.S. Cons: Hybrid SIM slot 2. L.G. G6 - 39k Pros: Flagship device, Great features, good pricing Cons: Average display 3. OnePlus 5 - 33k (Don't want 8/128...
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    Budget 15-20K Phone recommendation

    Camera is at par with what rivals are offering, in-fact far better than RN4, MG5
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    Android Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ launched in India

    You can clearly see Delhi Duty Free bag in photo, maybe he is holding a display piece at IGI Airport.
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    google pixel a flop in india ?

    My latest LED TV has thinner bezels than GPXL, industrial and boring design is one thing, OP3T and HTC 10 also have industrial design but they are not ugly like GPXL. There was no need to drag S7 into this thread, S7 is an engineering marvel, most aesthetically pleasing phone. When judging...
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    10% less than new phone's price, In this case 4-5k less. 37k~ is a good price. 2 months is almost new and has healthy warranty period left. S7 is still a benchmark.
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    WTB AMD Processor

    I have AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz, stock cooler was never used. Rs. 2500 Shipped.
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    New Year Resolution!!

    DPI scaling in Windows 10 is messed up, its well known, Windows 10 uses a different scaling method than Windows 8 and Win 7. I also faced blurry fonts when scaled up on Win 10. I have found a solution to this. An app called “ XPExplorer - Windows 10 DPI Fix ” solves this problem by...
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    Less than 10K "Compact" phone

    For this reason, I keep coming back to my trusted Samsung S4, 4G version which I got from Australia. 5" gorgeous full HD 1080p Amoled display. JIO sim working flawlessly, I use JIO app. S4 has almost non existent side bezels, its very narrow for a 5" phone plus weight distribution of this phone...
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    FS: Desktops PC Components

    Price drop and bump.
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    FS: Desktops PC Components

    Price drop and bump.
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    WTB 120GB+ SSD

    I want to buy 120/128GB or more SSD, PM me your offers.
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    [From Reddit] I'm becoming scared of Facebook.

    Facebook makes me bitter, jealous and depressed to the extent of panic attacks. I am more scared of people than some California company. I love to live clutter free life, I hate nostalgia. Facebook is stressful.