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    CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400 XMS2 Memory

    for how long is this available?
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    PC Peripherals suggestion for a good gaming cabinet for 6-7 K

    mid-range and high end cabinets don't come with PSUs usually to cut down the costs and offer us customers more options for PSUs.:) Hence CM 690 comes without PSU (i think you mis-spelt it as psc; sorry if i am wrong). The Antec 900 should be around 7-8k...and it also does not come with a PSU.
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    Chess & T.T.

    no idea on exact location etc...but if you can locate a player (chennai has many), he/she will be able to get you a chess set... or you could try this address i got from Chennai District Chess Assocition. They should be able to help you. [CHENNAI DISTRICT CHESS ASSOCIATION A6, SFI Apartments...
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    Chess & T.T.

    For can get an international regulation chess set...last time (which was 'bout 2 years back) it was priced at 200 bucks with vinyl mat and pieces in a bag (for the pieces)...a wooden set may cost 'bout 500 bucks...cant say bout a carry pouch for that one though:( As for a chess...