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    Buying oled tv from

    Alibaba is safe but takes a long time and if tv breaks, it's gonna be another problems.. and 36% duty fee. It will cost probably 1.1L
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    Are cryptocurrencies illegal in India?

    I guess we have the answer to OP's question today :) What a load of shit RBI pulled and wonder how many lost jobs, business closed, revenue lost , lives ruined with this shitty decision of RBI. I believe in our legal system. Thankyou SC for being fair here.
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    Windows Terrified by recent Win 10 updating....biggest regret

    Still didn't answer the question - HDD or SSD?
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    How AAP won Delhi

    Many many reasons. But the main one is, we Indians had a very very clear face for PM position and there were 2 people. Rahul G and Modi. Now, it was almost the same as in US elections, Trump didn't won coz people like him more but people hated Hilary alot more. Over here One just cannot imagine...
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    Any frequent Redditor here ?

    Yeah, let me clear, I am not pro modi, but I am not pro opposition aswell. I like to have my fun of both parties Cong or BJP. That's what internet trolls do anyways. But modi gives one wrong statement or makes a scene by falling while he is climbing the stairs and everyone at r/india are...
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    Any frequent Redditor here ?

    I was banned from there. Anything pro modi, and you are out. Pathetic LOL.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    @letmein, I have this 43" MITV , perfectly new and sitting in a box (still have the new plastic on it). Bought it 1.5 yrs ago and have no need for it. It's perfect for a streaming stick. I am selling it for 13k (not yet published here)
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    4k TV buying advice please

    May be other brands has saturated their TV's , I see the frame producing quite natural colors. Certainly Sony does saturation. My friend has OnePlus QLED (base model) and he said mine looks way better. I think The frame was my best investment of 2019. If I go OLED, I won't go for C series or so...
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    4k TV buying advice please

    To be honest, I love the Frame. Doesn't matter how good or bad the screen is, the more you see it, the more the eyes adjust. I love the frame really but I'm sure, it can't beat OLED ofcourse. Blacks are not perfect on mine but it's the diff of 19/20 b/w QLED and OLED.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    These are 3rd party, that's the problem. A 3rd party will always screw you over with their T&C. They don't give insurance themselves, someone backs them. A manufacturer warranty is alot better, if 10k is what LG was charging you, it would have been alot better. No offense, but I have seen you...
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    4k TV buying advice please

    Come on bro, 3rd party warranty? onesite is shit as as they come.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    I am having a wonderful time with it, I can say you might have received a defective piece, go ahead and ask for replacement. Mine is perfect. My review ...
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    Flipkart deals

    825 as it has a usb, apart from that, everything seems same. But I'd suggest you to get this one TP Link's router has better cloud features and easy to manage and has alll...
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    Choosing VPN

    Me too, they are too good. Using on router is magical though. It's easy to setup, chat with their support, you will be content with it.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    wait and buy it today at 12 midnight. it will be for 73k again. why waste 5k bro. use icici card.