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    4k TV buying advice please

    I am having a wonderful time with it, I can say you might have received a defective piece, go ahead and ask for replacement. Mine is perfect. My review ...
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    Flipkart deals

    825 as it has a usb, apart from that, everything seems same. But I'd suggest you to get this one TP Link's router has better cloud features and easy to manage and has alll...
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    Choosing VPN

    Me too, they are too good. Using on router is magical though. It's easy to setup, chat with their support, you will be content with it.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    wait and buy it today at 12 midnight. it will be for 73k again. why waste 5k bro. use icici card.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    Get the frame. Though it's 1k more than what was price yesterday. I got it for 73k. Samsung frame. 55" QLED, 120 Refresh rate. It's beautiful and is on deal. Let me know if u get it, will give you a way to get 1k more disc. use icici card to et 9k disc.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Yeah, doing well bud. Crypto is screwed lol. PM me, or whatsapp , let's talk abt it. Hope you are doing well yourself.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

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    RBI allows only Rs1000 withdrawal for Punjab Maharashtra Co-Op bank customers for 6 months

    Why have accounts in banks at all. Govt, banks , IT are made to screw us over. Bitcoin is the answer. More the merchants accepts bitcoin and more people keep money in bitcoin, govt, Banks, will lose access to funds. They just can't do anything. No one controls BTC. **** banks.
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    Budget 71-90K Lenovo Ideapad s540 and Legion Y7000

    yep, with promo vantage. but it's nt valid anymore. i got mine for 58 something.
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    Budget 71-90K Lenovo Ideapad s540 and Legion Y7000

    the same model was available for 63k some days back. I am tying from the 512gb ssd model right now. I love this laptop but it's very very sensitive, just the other day I picked up this laptop from one hand from the left side of the touch pad and it gave me bluescreen. Other than this, I am very...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 500 GB NVME SSD 970 PRO

    sold, lock this please.
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    SBI sent wrong credit card

    Doesn't ICICI specifically says on refund email that it is not considered a payment?
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Thanks man! Just saw the episode, awesome and hilarious!