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    Good lasting Perfumes suggestions

    I wish someone could make a real long lasting version of the 4711 cologne! Also, most of the essential oils are quite long lasting. Get to the source of each perfumer (any well established attarwalla worth his salt would be in a position to source it from europe or middle east and sell to you)
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    I find it surprising that Congress would fund something like a anti-corruption movement or jan lok pal. Equally surprising would be to find that funding was done by BJP and Arvind Kejriwal was initially a BJP shill.
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Is AAP an extension of Congress?
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Lawl at that term in Bold. When Govt does it, it suddenly become "authorized" and when it happens due to non-govt factors then it is termed as "unauthorized"? So you mean all these years whatever increments I (and the entire worker population of India including Govt employees) got was due to...
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    Delete Chrome entire history/cache/cookies etc. with simple clicks.

    Next time use Incognito mode for such activities.
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    How does the counterfeit currency affect India? One that I can think of is that the "terrorists" can buy stuff in India without expending even a real penny by using fake notes.
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    Any frequent Redditor here ?

    Well quite similar to real India, anything anti Modi/Shah/Adityanth and you are in jail. Seems like this is how the world works. :( As for propaganda, not necessary that all channels (print, radio, TV, internet, mobiles, etc) are all controlled by one faction only.
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    Camera (point N Shoot/ Mirrorless)

    Point and shoot are small form factor with small sensors. Shape of DSLR is huge. What do you want?
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    What Music Streaming Service you use and why?

    JioSaavn, Wynk, Hungama, Amazon, Gaana. Had Spotify but removed it.
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    Advice on a good heater

    All electric heaters are 100% efficient. That means all the electric current that goes into heating comes out as heat only. What you may mean is the heat transfer coefficient (transfer of this heat produced to you) which is poorest for pure radiation type and increases with higher speed convection.
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    Advice on a good heater

    Don't skimp on the wattage. Wattage = heating. Electric heater is 100% efficient device therefore more the wattage - more the heat generated. Ultimately for you what matters is a comfortable temperature of air - say about 22-23 deg C. Therefore get a heater with thermostat (where you can set a...
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    For IT Professionals who struggle to gain muscle weight and/or lose weight

    Before I tell that you (and everyone else) need to answer a few questions: 1) In general - on average are men more lean or women? 2) In general - on average are men more muscular or women? 3) If a woman (or a preteen child) were to do as much exercise (or perhaps even more) as a man, will she...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    I think you are being naive here. BJP, choosing to stay mum initially, played very well to appease the hindutva hardliners: the one's that feel left out whenever Modi has given emphasis on governance and economics rather than religion card. Ever wonder why in this as well as previous general...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Yeah, the uneducated (not being able to produce picture perfect records and documents) and those-who-cannot-manage have no place in our utopic country!
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    Static Noise in Audio during washing machine operation

    Now I am confused, CEA mandates Earth and Neutral connected, while Chaos says it shouldn't be.