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    DDR4 3000/3200MHz Ram

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    [Group Buy] Internet Download Manager - Pay before June 18

    I'm up for sure if the price is right
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    DDR4 3000/3200MHz Ram

    8GB/16GB . Bill and Box should be there. Pm me your offers.
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    Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Proccy

    i5 2400 out of warranty. Ping me if interested.
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    FS: Video Card Msi gtx 1060 3gt oc

    Congrats to the buyer [emoji106]
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    FS: Video Card Msi gtx 1060 3gt oc

    I'm willing to to do a local local pickup. I'm in dire need of a good GPU. Please let me know if its available.
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    FS: Video Card Msi gtx 1060 3gt oc

    PMed. I'm in for a local pickup.
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    Audio Edifier Remote Control

    Sadly my Oneplus one doesn't have it.
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    Audio Edifier Remote Control

    Even I broke mine recently. Contacted Edifier India support but no response. Any luck with you?
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    WTB Fiio E11/A3

    Please ping me if you have any Fiio E11/A3 to offer. Should be in good working condition.
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    Audio Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 ohm Headphone without amp, worth it?

    Every audiophile range headphones above 8k requires amp/soundcard to fully utilize them.
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    MSI Support - Horrible

    That reminds me of my horrible MSI GTX 560 Ti Twinfrozer experience. The Card was brand new (though more than 7 days old) failing to boot up, they replaced it with another DOA graphics card. After again claiming RMA they returned it with No change. The whole process took about 3-4 months...