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    The wet shaving thread

    Buy from ALiexpress. The Baili razors are excellent VFM razors and are great shavers if you don't have too coarse beard.
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    FS: Headphone Tin Audio T2 IEM/earphone

    bump after a long time.
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    I think will be delivered tomorrow Got delivery. No duty on a declared value of 20$ :)
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    Undervaluation works most of the times provided the box is not too big. Mine was a over the ear headphone so the box size was big which attracted attention of customs. The load at the post office is too huge and it is impossible for them check every package.
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    He was clearing the packages. UPDATE: My package got released from Customs.
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    I sent a mail yesterday it's about 24 hour hours now. The consignment status is same and is still not released.
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    It is unlikely that the Customs will verify with the sellers. Sellers from China are not bound to answer any query from Indian Customs.
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    Everybody whose consignments are stuck at Kolkata can use the e-mail. And ironically the guy I met was a non-bengali, hindi speaking one. Regarding ego I disagree. Kolkata is one of the friendliest cities.
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    Yes mine is stuck at Kolkata FPO. I visited around 1 PM, met someone within 5 minutes, got the clarifications. It was good.
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    Just came back from Foreign Post Office. Those who are in Kolkata can mail the invoice and bank/credit card statement to '' for clearance. DOn't forget to mention the tracking number.
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    FS: MP3 Player Shanling M0; Hi-Res Bluetooth Touch Screen Portable Music player

    Anything without streaming capabilities is of no use for me.
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    29/1/19. I'm waiting for communication from them asking for the invoice. 59$ but the invoice will show lesser value.
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    One of my headphone consignment is also stuck at customs stating "invoice missing". The seller declared a value of 5$ despite my clear message not to declare value less than 25$. Now I fear once I supply the invoice it will also attract duty.