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    Laptop Cooling Pad - Low Noise, Under 1.5k

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a Laptop Cooling Pad for my Sony VAIO CW 26 (15 inch) which heats up under heavy load. I'm looking for the following features (in order of preference): 1. Good cooling performance 2. Silent/Low Noise operation 3. Cost: 1.5k Max (Extra USB ports, adjustable fan...
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    kasperkey alone can be best for the antivirus protection?

    What's the name of the Infection/Virus... I kinda think that might be a trojan...
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    kasperkey alone can be best for the antivirus protection?

    Well if u use the Kaspersky Internet Security... That's pretty much all of the security that your system needs... If you are still more concerned about Spywares use SpyBot too...
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    Which Firewall do You Use

    I'm Using PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005...!!! Light On Weight...!!!
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    Symbian Themes Show Off...

    We Can't Share Those Shareware Appz, So What... Lets Share Some Free Themes... Heres' The One I Like... ScreenShot: Theme Designed By, Download Theme + 5 Wallpapers To Go On With It... Download Size: 143KB
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    Sony Ericssons' T610,etc...

    For Those Who Haven't Heard 'Bout Dis, More Info' + ScreenShots + Downloads + Themes, etc + Tested Devices...
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    Play/Run Java Games/Appz On PC...

    Sorry Guys For Being Off For Dese Weeks, I've Been Workin On Some Academic Project... The S/W Name Is Midp2Exe, And Its A FREEWARE... All D Information & Downloads, Along Wid D Tutorial Is Given Here... Click Here Two Things That U Wud Need To Download Are, Midp2Exe, And Some Runtime DLL...
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    I am also in!!

    Welcome M8, Keep Postin':)
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    Linux Installing linux distro's directly from their images (using loadlin)

    Nice One... Deserves Some Reps... :hap2:
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    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Details Leaked.

    Well... In Other Part Of The World, Some Of'em R Tryin To Make Somthin Called FireFoxIE,
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    IExpress - A Hidden Utility - WinXP

    Here, This Will Ans' Ur Questions.... :)
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    Hello everybodies

    Welcome M8... Keep Postin'... :)
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    K U Heard Of GMail Drive... Heres' GDrive... gDrive 0.6 A set of PHP files to store files of any size in your gMail account. Other gmail drives are limited by gMail's max 10Mb/attachment. features - upload / download files of any size - delete files - keep regular emails in the same...
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    GMail Tools 'N' Utilities [Hmm... Yet Again] Official Gmail Notifier from Google (beta) - Downloadable Windows application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. GMNotifier - More configurable notifier based on .NET (Via here) Gmail Search Extension - Search your Gmail account...
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    The CSS Beauty...

    CSS Truly Rocks Man... Check Dis Out... [The Beauty Of The CSS Design] [Navigation Bar Generator] [Site In An Hour Using CSS]