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    Android USB playback volume low

    Can you try checking this music player
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    English TV series discussion

    Anybody watching the The Witcher?
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    English TV series discussion

    Lost is space is good, keeps you hooked but feels like it is primarily for kids, no idea about Another life
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    looking for Laptop
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    Sorry but ppl who do not want to spend can check this It give 2 GB space per user for free in OneDrive
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Count me in, I do not check TE on a daily basis so responses might be delayed
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    How much does it come up to with shipping to BLR?
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Does it make sense buying this over the newer RPI's?
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    Laptop RAM DDR4 2400

    Brand is same, however I needed 8 GB, though I went ahead and bought 2 X 8 GB Crucial RAM
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    Bitcoin at 6k USD
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    Bitcoin at 6k USD

    :wtf: Just yesterday it was 8.6 something
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    Raspberry Pi based always on torrent box

    Mine, this is with the heatsinks