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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    I contacted them on their helpline. The lady on the other end had no clue about it. I could not find anything related to sharing on the router settings on the other hand FTP is straight forward. So I am guessing the firmware does not support sharing over Samba
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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    I have the black router. You can connect a USB hard disk or pen drive and share it on your LAN over FTP. no samba possible
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    FS: Photography Sony A6000 + Kit Lens + 4 battery

    what is your asking price?
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    Budget 90k+ Building a full gaming PC vs getting a 27" iMac?

    Why don't you go the hackintosh way? here is a link to high end hackintosh: You can go with the same config apart from motherboard and graphics card. For motherboards, choose any one of...
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    Smart TV or TV Stick. Which one ??

    You can use My filelinked to download apps to your firetvstick. It has thoptv, redbox tv, HDstreamz and kodi. With these three apps, you will be able to watch Live tv on your firetv stick. Use code 30474078 Link to filelinked: Watch this video to install JioTV on...
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    Budget 21-30k Suggestions for pc

    Where are you from? This will help forum members help you better. Are you open to building a PC yourself or do you want prebuilt ones?
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    Graphic Cards GPU pricing in India is rage inducing!! mini gpu guide

    I see so many listings which mention GPU memory rather than GPU model. People simply fail to understand that ATI 5450 with 2 GB RAM is not very good at gaming.
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    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a big Fail?

    Cleanliness is not about picking up what is already thrown. It is about not throwing in the first place. All people who are complaining that the swachch bharat abhiyaan is a failure, it is due to us, who dont stop throwing garbage on the street or nullahs.
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    since the My connection speed is 100 Mbps, the router may be with 100 Mbps LAN ports. I have seen a ZTE router as well which is with 1 Gbps connection, and that, has 1 Gbps ports.
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    Reliance Jio Rollout

    I wonder if it is just as simple as setting up more more sites to handle more users. I say this because when we have mega events where 20K people are going to gather on a single ground, the ground has mobile sites all around, Probably like 4-5 sites covering a 500 SqM area, and still 4G does not...
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    My review of Jio FTTH broadband
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    Jio DTH, Broadband, and More: 5 Things to Expect From Reliance Jio in 2017

    My Long Term Review of Jio DTH services. I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.
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    Reliance Jio Rollout

    We have been using Jio BB now for quiet some time. Its awesome! Hope the services start so others can also benefit from it.
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    Need legal advice

    Met a lawyer today. He said a written notification filed with the DSP office might be fruitful and coax the police to get us back all the jewellery. Points to note that police is fully responsible for getting back all the jewellery from the thief and the jewellers cannot buy jewellery unless...
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    Need legal advice

    Exactly. They told us that our gold jewellery is already melted by the jeweller but they could manage to get 7 gm.of gold jewelleryfrom the jeweller. It was brand new jewellery which is not ours.I feel they are getting their cut from the thief/jeweller