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    Amazon US Gift Voucher (180USD) at discounted price

    Need it urgently. Kindly PM.
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    Storage Solutions Planning to buy NAS : Synology DS918+

    Can totally vouch for the 918+. Had the 916+ which I sold and bought the 918+. Data redundancy is just one of the 100 things this thing does. Any day better than the DIY system. Compact, less power utilization, phone apps, scalability, security. Just name it and it's there in it. EDIT: Just a...
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    WTB: Newegg (Canada) Gift Card

    The Canadian site is different. The US cards won't work there.
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    FS: RAM GSkill 32GB (16x2 matched pair) DDR4 2133MHz SODIMM RAM

    Purchase Date:August 2017 Remaining Warranty Period:Not sure. You got to check with GSkill. From my side, 7 days testing warranty will be provided. Invoice Available?:No Details mentioned in the OP. These were bought from US.