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    Car & Bike Unicorn not running as smooth as before

    My advice - learn to change the oil yourself. Its not rocket science and takes just 10mins. Buy good brand of engine oil with the grade as prescribed in your motorcycle manual. Fully synth oils for regular commuters does not offer much benefit when thinking from the drain intervals vs price...
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    Leopard .. Reg : Bootcamp

    Yeah the bootcamp beta used to be available for download earlier. Now it comes bundled with Leopard. For Tiger aka OSX 10.4 you'll have to d'load it separately from the Apple wesbite.
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    Laptops Core duo -> Core 2 Duo

    It should be possible, provided you are able to get a C2D mobile cpu part running @ 667Mhz FSB. Another factor to consider is whether the processor is soldered or mounted on the motherboard - on my MacbookPro it is soldered so it is not possible to swap just the processor alone.
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    mr. bikeinstein is back home!!

    Welcome back bikey :) Good to see you posting after a loooong time. Take care and get well soon..
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    OC & Modding 85 degree on load and 40 degree idle

    Buy some rubbing alcohol from local chemist. Buy some thermal paste from your electronics/computer shop. Take out hsf. Clean it thoroughly of dust/dirt. Also clean the fan. Dip cotton in alcohol and clean the cpu surface & hsf base thoroughly. You might even try a few drops of pure petrol on...
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    OC & Modding My new 24x7 overclock....

    Nice oc karan. What is the vcore like?
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    OC & Modding High idle temps

    Thanks Farookh for that snapshot. I also found CoreTemp & TAT to be within couple of degrees between each other, but the Asus probe to be way off as usual. Anyways I'll try some more oc'in and see how the chip behaves. Maybe this chip is really running hotter than other steppings. Will also try...
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    OC & Modding High idle temps

    I've recently put together my rig with a E6600 and a Thermalright Ultra 120 heatsink + 120mm fan. I have done the usual clean up with rubbing alcohol on both IHS and heat sink base. I've applied as5 using the "thin red line" method as described in Artic silver website. After mounting the hsf, I...
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    OC & Modding Show Off Your Cable Management

    Found this link when googling for cable management ideas The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews
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    Storage Solutions Are Larger Partitions prone to crash..!!

    Did you overclock your system? Either cpu or ram? My samsung 80gb hdd died the same death as yours. No CRC errors, but same ticking sound when I connect it. I was experimenting with overclocks that time and maybe the hdd temps were too high.
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    OC & Modding Post your overclocks !

    Awesome temps there rpok! What kind of ambient temps is the rig kept in?
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    PC Peripherals How to make payment on newegg?

    Your credit card's billing address and the shipping address you give has to match. That is how Newegg mandates it. Only option for you is to ask some relative/friend to purchase and get it for you.
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    Any Webwork experts here

    What do you want to know? Check - WebWork
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    PC Peripherals Help - RAM Purchase from

    Nope. No VAT for orders placed outside of EU.
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    How programmer friendly is the mac / apple environment

    I recently shifted to a Mac and very happy with the move. As KK pointed out, you have entire gnu toolset available plus you have XCode - apple's own ide/toolset. You have a binary distribution for the Mac for most, if not you can download source and compile :D