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    Farcry 4 - Discussion Thread

    oh finally Himalayas came , i want elephant ride with RPG in hand :p
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    Which console to buy - PS4 or the Xbox One?

    Xbox prices slashed by $100 without kinect And ps4 has greater community in india or anywhere Its purely depends on which exclusive you wanna play halo, gears , titans (which may come to ps4), forza, dead rising, ryse or killzone, gt, gow , uncharted, infamous etc etc Choose according to test...
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    Halo 5: Guardian

    Developer : 343 industries Publisher : Microsoft studios Platform : Xbox 1 Release : fall 2015 Master chief is back with legendary saga and 343 industries promising best ever halo game to date More screenies and video coming soon
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    Android Need some feedback on Gionee before buying

    Why don't you consider moto E. It should give you good battery back up and great vfm product too
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    Android Need some feedback on Gionee before buying

    One of my friend owns Gpad g3. it has good build + screen but what about after sales services, what is your budget?? you may get a better company mobile who provide far better ass
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    CPU/Mobo xeon e3-1230v3 vs i5 4670(nonK) for a B85 MB

    if you have a descrete GPU then xeon e3-1230v3 total worth because it contains more processing power than i5 non k
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    CPU/Mobo Suggestion needed - i3 or similar processor with mother board only

    If you can increase budget bit then 4th gen i3 + Asus h81 basic mobo will be best suited to your need. It will cost your around 11k on the street. Or may be 11.5k but total worth the miney . Hope it helps
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    WTB Ps3 working, as cheap as possible

    Bump to the top
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    Whats your favorite PC game and what gaming gears do you use?

    Favourite PC game??? There is a list Half life series Doom series Cs series Road rash GTA 2,3,sa Mario New games The witcher 2 EE Cricket academy
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    WTB Ps3 working, as cheap as possible

    Please let me know your offer as I have some money constrains Also let me know your ps3 system info Thanks for responding
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    WTB Ps3 working, as cheap as possible

    Looking for ps3 in good working condition. Cheaper the better Thanks :)
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Clash of clans on android as I have nothing else to game on
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    Android Google Play Hosting Premium Game Sale, Top Titles for 50% Off

    Looking for NBA 2k14 but don't know how is game. Is 3$ justified
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    Budget 21-30k I want to build A Budget Gamming Rig.

    hello Every one, I want to build a gamming rig in tight budget. Though i have moniter so i will be looking for Board, Processor, RAM, Graphic Card, Cabinet etc. I have tried on net and found following specifications kind request to suggest better if any 1)AMD FX6100 for 7.5K 2)Asus M5A88-M...