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    Budget 90k+ Need help selecting CPU,GPU, memory, motherboard and Cooling

    CPU : Amd Ryzen 7 3800X : Rs 34000 Motherboard : Msi MPG X570 Gaming Edge (Wi-Fi) : rs 21000 Motherboard : ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming AMD X570 ATX Gaming Motherboard : Rs 24000 GPU: Asus RX 5700 XT 8GB : Rs 37000 RAM : 16 GB Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600MHz...
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    BSNL increases pre FUP speed, starts at min 8 Mbps

    10 Mbps download just got implemented here (JH).
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    Phone Explodes on Video, Xiaomi wrongly named

    use new smartphone carefully. keep it away from you for one month as much as possible. use correct charger.
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    No country has climbed to become developed the country without expansion and development of manufacturing sector. India wanted to become an exception by relying on IT industry. IT industry hasn't helped much. Also, India cannot snatch manufacturing from china. Instead, Indians are selling china...
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    BSNL may increase download speed

    download data rate has been upgraded to 4 Mbps. So i expect minimum download speed increase in near future for all. obviously, they are preparing for competition. at the same time the service is miserable.
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    I think the market is expecting too much from engineers while the quality of education is rotting. Classes in India are not very interactive. Students go to class listen to teachers and go back to their room. India missed the gradual process of industrialization many times. And now all of a...
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    Does engineering college tell students to what the requirements of companies are? A lot of talk about software engineers. You can't produce a large percentage of good quality engineers. Every student joining college should be counseled to show them the right direction. Everyone is not coming...
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    I think RS 149 monthly fees for a unlimted voice call is good for people who just want to talk. You will be capped to 128 kbps internet, which good for basic tasks at this price. Jio prime is good for people who earn money and talk a lot. Rs 300 is not a big deal. 1 Gb per day is enough for...
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    Jio : New Plans & Even more data (2017)

    Rs 303 per month is very good. people who do job talks a lot. so Rs 303 is cheap. also for me, it can act as a backup, if landline internet is not working some day. what I am not sure is if I need to mandatory pay Rs 303 every month once i enroll in it.
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    Audio What speakers do you use with your PC?

    m40x don't have a mic. go for Audio-Technica Solid Bass ATH-WS550iS-WH Headphones with Mic. superb for the music lover. well known company. I have also bought swans because everyone here said its good. my sister uses it. I have not tested it. Yes, audio seems much clearer than Logitech. And...
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    One big problem is bad healthcare in India. one thing it affects is the brain development. So even a student want to perform, the unrepairable damage to brain and health has already been done. This is one big reason for bad performance in India.
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    if you look at the industry of India, they have bankrupted the Indian banks. NPA stood at 10%. As of June 2016, the total amount of Gross Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) for public and private sector banks is around Rs. 6 lakh crore today news came that banks in Jharkhand have 13 % NPA. The same...
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    actually, it is a foolish statement. because you can even be employed in the USA if you don't have a good degree. and you will be fine.