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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    3 months since the note-recall. 12 ATMs near my home in Chennai. Not a single one of them has cash.
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    Need help with term insurance

    Your reasoning?
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    Need help with term insurance

    google basunivesh and check the site for articles on insurer comparison. I settled on HDFC click2protect plus (instead of the one without plus) in hind-sight, should've gone for Max, which was 25% cheaper and now may be merged with hdfc.
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    How is package of 9L for Bengaluru?

    Just apartment rent will come to Rs.2L per year. So the extra amount you're getting just disappears there. Plus incrementals of food expense, occasional travel to kolkata, etc. Doesn't make sense to move unless you're sure of a) gaining new skills in the new company b) can switch in a year for...
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    Budget 20-25K Need user feedback on Z3 Compact

    Why not a Z2 in this price range? A bigger screen, better battery, and its hardly a few months behind the Z3.
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    Travelling to Malaysia 2moro. Need urgent inputs.

    2) Convert 20% (or initial expenses) directly into MYR in India. Convert the rest from INR to $ in india. Get it from a small shop, not a Western union Forex or whatever. Small shops offer better rates. In Malaysia, convert the $ to MYR at a small forex shop. NEVER convert at an airport. They...
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    Retirement Investment Plan??

    Please read up the articles on
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    TastyKhana and FoodPanda - all gone down the drain?

    I agree. Used to use Tastykhana quite a bit when in Thane. But just around the food-panda takeover, the service dropped. Lets hope uber and ola don't go down the similar app-drain.
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    FS: Storage Hardware 3TB HDD WD Green RMAed Unopened

    Sold & Shipped to Zino. Awaiting revert to close sale thread.
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    Deals for Domestic Flights through Indian Travel Sites

    Yes, you can show the e-ticket on your mobile device (has worked for me in the Mumbai, Chennai airports) In case of refundable tickets, ive usually noticed its a flat fee like rs.1500, and if via an aggregator portal, then an extra rs.500.
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    FS: Storage Hardware 3TB HDD WD Green RMAed Unopened

    bump. Removed from being on hold for 2 parties.
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    How to/Should resign asap or serve notice period?

    Yes, pardon me for having social manners. just because you sit miles away front of a screen, doesn't give you a right to be rude. 'm also a part of that "middle class with average skills." Those frm other classes either join IT out of boredom/interest, and those with better skills move onto...
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    How to/Should resign asap or serve notice period?

    They might be, because that's how the situation is! And even your response is generic, doesn't mention to whom mine is offensive :P You allow T-shirts at a workplace with 30,000 people, one banana will wear something offensive like "I love &@#(", and then there'll be a huge furore.
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    How to/Should resign asap or serve notice period?

    Reg. OP's friend's issue. -if mental torture is too much, then quit -If you need the money, then dont quit -If you get a job now, then quit, obviously notice period hangs in the balance -If you dont get a job now, then quit, obviously you might end up sitting idle for a few months Also...