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    TRAI planning to screw with OTT services next

    They cant do anything about hotstar because its owned by Star.
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    Reality of Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer

    Happened to one guy in my office as well. Small scratch and rejected. He was like pissed off, and decided to give away phone to maid servant or something. FK is run by idiots for sure. Try getting a girl to exchange and should go through like butter!
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Old laptop, does not have M2
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    All OS Any Jio Phone user?

    Take whatever you want, but Xiaomi and Realme provide best bang for buck, plus repairs are not a bomb.
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    Looking for a Router(with built in modem) for VOIP and Gaming.

    Its not like its going to occupy a whole lot of space. If you go with ISP provided routers, they are usually crap. Additionally, I doubt most ISPs except Jio will provide fibre modem, they will give a GPON media converter instead. So still you will have 2 boxes.
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    How to watch/download these entire 60+ episodes youtube content.

    yt-dl is the thing for this. Put all links in a text file and let it download the best quality.
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    All OS Any Jio Phone user?

    Get her a touch phone. My mother initially refused touch - this was the Pantech Burst days, she wanted some Nokia feature phone because uncle was using it. Now using RN4 (after upgrades - Burst > Redmi 1S > RN4) and very happy.
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    Mozilla firefox extensions bug certifications error!!

    Its fixed, was some cert issue. If you update FF would be solved I guess?
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    ISP in Bangalore without CGNAT

    WTF. Its 2.2K yearly here.
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    Need to upgrade TV after 10 years (1-1.5 lakh)

    Should work. We got ours, and will check and let you know. No PS4 though
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Already picking up these for office.
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    Good WiFi Router - Dual Band, WIFI-AC, VPN Pass-through

    Get a basic router and let it do its job, in the meantime, get a RPi used and setup the same for all..
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    With most STBs using HDMI, will this be an issue?
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    ISP in Bangalore without CGNAT

    Just ask if giving static IP or not. Most of them will give it unless they have run out of IPs
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    Youtube Streaming slowing down download

    You might need one that has an external antenna? AFAIK, you will not be able to get anything more than 450Mbps (theoretical) on 2.4GHz.