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    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    For 400 MB I was able to download almost half of the tamilnadu state. I wish the allowed area is bigger so that I can get the full state.
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    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    Yes..I got it too.. But strangely the max size seems to be limited to 400mb. It's better than before and they will hopefully increase it more
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    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    Thats what I am saying. You can see in your offline areas screenshot that it says we cant search or navigate when offline. We still "dont" have the updated offline feature enabled here. The app itself is updated, but google needs to enable it from their side too. It is enabled in US and some...
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    Android Google Maps offline navigation update maps beats them both with regards to latest information and also lots of POIs. With the new features, it seems we can download entire states (if not country) and can supposedly control if the downloaded data must be updated periodically or not. I cant wait to start using it but...
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    Android Google Maps offline navigation update

    Google finally woke up and updated maps to support offline navigation of areas stored offline. The latest update increases the area that can be stored offline (Upto 2.5GB) and adds support to search/navigate offline. The update seems to be a staged rollout. I got the update this morning but...
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    WIndows 10 reserve notification

    I dont remember the source, but I came across it somewhere when I was looking a while back to see if I can clean install Preview and move over to the final version. I have this MS FAQ link where it says that you can still upgrade to win 10 without reserving...
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    WP Microsoft abandoning Windows Phone OS?

    If only nokia had gone the android way! What a combo it would have been... MS forced a great phone maker with funding to go Windows only, acquired it, and trashed and discarded it. Feel bad to see fate of the great Nokia going this way.. In their quest to push MS mobile adoption, they...
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    WIndows 10 reserve notification

    You can also upgrade to Full version of windows 10 if you have a authentic windows 7/8 using an iso once it is released. Upgrading via notification is just one of the ways. You need not worry if you dont get the upgrade notification
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    Windows Windows 10 Technical Preview.

    Yes there are three possibilities currently Pre-installed Win 8.1 -> Upgrade install to 10 TP -> after 29Jul either continue to stay on TP or become authenticated upgrade Pre-installed Win 8.1 -> Clean install to 10 TP -> after 29 Jul can it be made into an authenticated upgrade? Pre-installed...
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    Windows Windows 10 Technical Preview.

    Anyone knows what will happen if I "clean" install the windows 10 preview over my current factory installed 8.1 in my laptop? What will happen after the official release? Will my Preview version auto upgrade to qualified full version or will I have to switch back to my factory 8.1 and then...
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    Android Xiaomi Mi Pad - No options to disconnect USB Connection?

    You can remove it safely. I dont normally bother to "remove safely" my usb thumb drives and never faced a problem. I guess windows just makes sure all the cached I/O transfers are synced and closes the connection.
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    Car & Bike Want to buy i20 Elite - how to speed up waiting period?

    Yes.. specifically launched the active to keep the waiting time of i20 high and push people to pay higher for the active if they want it quick. When a car maker has a hit model, they create more schemes to mint money..
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    Car & Bike Hyundai to launch a compact SUV called ix25 to take on EcoSport, Duster

    Good times coming up for urban SUV market. Looks like there will be really tough competition in this segment by the year end. Personally I like the urban SUV concept.
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    Good Knight mosquito repellent liquid is crap!

    odomos repellant cream works well even if there are lots of mosquitoes... but it lasts for 3-4hours max..
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    Budget 0-20k Dell AIO Windows installation media/keys available from support?

    No simple way to activate a new installation when you upgrade the HDD in a laptop? That just sounds like a stupid move from MS. Things were much simple when the Windows sticker had the key..