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  1. dktechsavvy

    WTB Need a X58 ( LGA 1366 ) Motherboard Urgently

    ghaziabad and lonavala, talk to them. they might just agree to ship as well
  2. dktechsavvy

    WTB Need a X58 ( LGA 1366 ) Motherboard Urgently

    there are some available on olx, also have asked a few friends who can help out in finding this
  3. dktechsavvy

    FS: Storage Hardware 2 X 1TB Samsung SATA

    please share the full error scan, without selecting quick scan checkmark.
  4. dktechsavvy

    FS: Storage Hardware Sealed Pack Seagate Skyhawk 6 Tb

    will buy 6000 for that price haha
  5. dktechsavvy

    FS: Others Various accessories must check

    interested in Aukey USB type c to type c 6.6ft, please pm price including shipping to delhi
  6. dktechsavvy

    Google home mini

    im also intertested in buying for 2500, PM me too, will be using it personally ( not buying for resale )
  7. dktechsavvy

    FS: Headphone Shure SE215s Clear

    sorry i'm going off topic, are those aliexpress foam tips any good? i'm using mee m6 pro
  8. dktechsavvy

    FS: Desktops Gaming PC i7 extreme hexa core 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 2000GB HDD, 750W PSU

    interested in motherboard, im from delhi so can collect locally.
  9. dktechsavvy

    Looking for Dell S2240L

    I tried doing the same haha, i have 2 with me :p
  10. dktechsavvy

    Looking for Dell S2240L

    why the specific requirement?
  11. dktechsavvy

    Planning to buy UPS - mostly APC

    Not true, they just use a bracket to combine the regular batteries. i have recently replaced batteries of my BR1000G-IN and external battery pack. 2 for the main ups and 4 for the external pack. 12v 9a each. easiest upgrade.
  12. dktechsavvy

    FS: Networking 18dbi-WiFi--Antenna-2-4GHz-Wireless

    please pm me your last price. :) i'm also from delhi, shipping would not be a problem.paid using paytm
  13. dktechsavvy

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Goflex Home NAS (only dock)

    there are already multiple people in the que haha
  14. dktechsavvy

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Goflex Home NAS (only dock)

    can collect this today itself, check pm for my number.
  15. dktechsavvy

    Excitel Broadband - India's First - Truly Unlimited - No FUP - 100 Mbps Connection under Rs 1000

    @Excitel Can you please check the speed issue for one of my connections, user id is deepak189 and i have been starting tickets but the speed is nowhere where its supposed to be, with my first ticket my speed was around 7-8Mbps but after raising the ticket it got upto 30 then with next ticket its...
  16. dktechsavvy

    FS: Others Clearance Sales-Multiple Item

    interested in asus o'play, pm me price with shipping to delhi. thanks!
  17. dktechsavvy

    Excitel Community Help

    Sant Nagar, South Delhi is covered, i have 2 connections here :)
  18. dktechsavvy

    Excitel Community Help

    I have been on excitel for more than a year now, and have 3 connections in use. The connections are truly unlimited.
  19. dktechsavvy

    Reliance Jio Rollout

    yes it will get activated, you will receive a sms on the alternative number you provided while getting the sim card, when you receive the sms just insert in sim and download the jiojoin app and follow the activation process, use jiojoin to call for tele verification activation