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    WTB Samsung Note 9 / S10 plus

    Planning to get a well maintained and good condition either Samsung Note 9 or S10 plus (genuine , not fakes). thanks. Thanks got a new one
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    Budget 31-40k Light gaming PC which can double as office server and also consumes less power

    What is your budget? 25-40K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have...
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    Windows Need a software which can store reports and print

    I have a format (multiple) for different reports . Is there a softwre which can be customized so that blank spaces can be left for entries and i can store each of the reports under different names while keeping the master blank spaced report in tact ? I thought i could create a pdf with blank...
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    Online UPS to support 5 PCs

    Thanks all for your previous suggestion on getting a pc , i got a NUC (second hand) and repurposed my old laptop also. Anyway , i want to get a online UPS , as i dont want any interuption in power supply for these pc`s as they will be involved in (few) in billing. So i thought i will get a...
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    PC Peripherals Connecting 2 broadband router for easy CCTV lan viewing and internet sharing?

    I have two BSNL connection and on one , it has CCTV and from there it streams via internet and i think it stream over wifi or lan on that router . I have another router with BB which i need to connect to this , so that it can consider my router too as lan and stream CCTV bypassing internet...
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    Budget 0-20k Sub 10-15K PC for pharmacy billing with minimal space

    What is your budget? 10-15k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) none Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have...
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    Advice on software(CMS) best for online lending library

    I wanted to have a local online lending library . Kindly advice on which software would be best . I tried Drupal 6 + Lending module , but i could not able to get a feedback or a concise list of what users need etc. I am planning to put up list of books that i have , interested readers...
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    PC Peripherals Please suggest a Gaming mouse for a Claw grip and under 2.5K

    Mine is a claw grip and sometimes finger grip. I am looking for some good mouse . Can anyone suggest a good one under 2.5K ? How about Razer DeathAdder ? Or is there a better one ? I dont like the mouse to be too light and really looking for a wired one.
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    Storage Solutions Need Advice on Building a Storage Hub

    6 months back i bought a 1TB and its almost filled now , and now started searching for 1 TB HDD (external). This time i was wondering if i can build some kind of storage hub , i have Netgear DGN2200 , which has USB support and me and bro use it. Is there any device or custom build device , where...
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    Advice On E-Book Reader

    I am planning to get a e-book reader. I want one which i can easily tranfer my e-books without needing to email them or something like that. Does any reader support chm files ?
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    Need Urgent Suggestion on Wifi Router

    I am planning to take a BB connection 3 floors below. Already i have a BSNL modem , which i will be using it as main modem and from its lan port , i am planning to take a 40meter lan cable upto the 3rd floor and use a wifi router to have wifi access throughout my home. I want a good router...
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    ADSL2+ modem with offline download needed

    My current BSNL UTStarcom WA3002G4 modem is almost dead ,acting weird , anyway its been 3 years now and time to throw it out and buy a new one.. My needs are -ADSL2+ supporting modem -Better coverage (N) series My doubt is , i saw Belkin playmax modem which supports Torrent Genie , the...
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    Video Advice on CCTV Installation

    Can anyone guide me or advice on CCTV installation for our hospital ? We are planning to keep it simple , like 4-6 cameras , recorder .. how much will it cost ? any good agencies you guys know of ?
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    Dell XPS L502X ( NEW XPS 15 ) Review

    CnP From my Blog @ Urs Siva « Love others.. Help Others.. DESIGN: It’s not a design easily admired at first sight , or even at third or tenth. Seriously DELL has taken a back step in designing their top end XPS system. DELL XPS 1530 design is still the best I have seen from...
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    Laptops Custom Sticker for Laptop Lid - Need advice and suggestion

    Hi... I have placed order for my DELL XPS 15 [ L502 ], the down side is , it comes with lid design , but they are costly addons also instead of black , dell has put pearly white color for LID, So i have decided to make a custom Sticker , utilising the base color updated the image links...
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    Laptops [Notebookcheck] Dell XPS 15 (i5-2410M & GT 540M)

    UPDATE : New review from anandtech is up now ... From the flood of available on the market, 15 customs-multimedia notebooks, the XPS 15 stands out clearly. Dell is not only a visually unique and with high-quality...
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    Looking for a Gaming Laptop around 60K +- 3K

    Hi.. I currently own a dell 1530 laptop and its almost nearing its death ..:( , so planning to sell this one and get a new one.. I got a offer for 15K , but i think i might get another 5K if possible.. anyway looking for a gaming laptop for around 60K I did plan to go for dell XPS again...
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    Need a Good Power Management Solution

    Hi.. Over past few years , many of my electronic items have broke due to constant power issue in my place... due to power i lost a PS3 , and got a new one.. so planning to invest in some power management devices like stabiliser / inverters etc.. I got a UPS from a reputable compnay , none of...
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    Video Airtel DTH users - Please help

    I am currently on Dish Tv [Zee] and planning to move to airtel DTH , I am having second thought on Sun Direct also .. I have a 40" samsung , Onkyo 3200 5.1 and ps3 , so planning to get a HD .. I saw ADTH on a friends 21" TV .. normal .. and was impressed by the clarity , but that doesnt...
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    Security Software Kaspersky PURE - Your take ?

    Hi .. I have been using KAV for 2 years now... seeing PURE features.. i am thinking whether i should use it.. So any PURE users please advice .. is it resource hungry ? and how is the performance ? I am really bothered with the resource ... I am ok with KAV 2010 ... resource usage ... -Urs...