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  1. blr_p

    Techie Arrested For One Night Stand On Tinder

    PSA I found this news ridiculous
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    Suggestions for a programmers boot camp with industry tie up

    Friend asked me for suggestions for a programmers boot camp that has industry tie-ups. 3 -6 months duration with no upfront fees. Train on languages and live projects. Food and board are on the candidate. Payment is 15-20% of the salary for the first year after the candidate has been placed...
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    Enerlyf - Energy saver

    Came across this product. Anyone tried it ? One sure way to save on energy costs is to switch off a power consumption device What if the AC already does this with its own thermostat? It's only for non inverter ACs. . Check the FAQ for more details. It works only...
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    Car & Bike Riding to Alaska on a Royal Enfield

    Thought there was a youtube thread somewhere. Can't find it. Check out his channel for the remainder
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    Android Headphone jack

    Some people think its going away. This would be a huge mistake. More rants
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    Other Mobile phones for senior citizens Came across this ad recently. Three models, all feature phones with big numbers on the keypad and other senior friendly features Closest equivalent to Doro phones in India
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    Android Dbl press power button launches camera or calls the police ?

    Given the govt mandated a panic button on all phones by 2017 I was curious to find out how well it has been taken up by various vendors. Since marshmallow a dbl press of the power button is supposed to launch the camera on all androids from screen off. In theory. My LG V20 for instance launches...
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    Can a stock market crash be engineered ?

    Who can explain what they are talking about ?
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    What India can learn from Israel

    For years i've heard about their tech but not much about its implementation in India. Now that will change.
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    Original constitution

    Take a look :)
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    Looking for a home UPS that is smart

    So far all i've found is Sukam's falcon plus that has bluetooth. Wish it was wifi instead of bluetooth as the range would be much longer. Waiting for the 1600VA to become available before getting it Its 2018, and there are hardly any home UPS that allow to be monitored by a smartphone. Luminous...
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    Smarteefi Android/IOS WiFi Smart Switch, 16A Picked a couple of these up to control water pumps and quite happy with them No more running out to switch on and again to switch off Company is based in Ghaziabad, UP Had trouble getting the switches to get onto wifi and the problem turned out to...
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    Micromax CEO Vineet Taneja steps down Why ? and what is happening lost half their share within a year. how ...
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    Looking at alarm clocks

    Must be reliable and easily legible. A clock is precision instrument that measures time. If it cant keep time or drifts then its useless. Hit amazon looking for analog casios as that's what i've used before and worked great. For some reason they don't sell casio analog clocks on amazon. But...
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    Google unable to make a huge success of its Android One Key word is 'huge' . Google are not dropping android one (yet). But i expected a better uptake.
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    What does the govt mean when they say Digital India ?

    Found this interesting discussion on the often heard term 'digital india'.
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    All OS Youth Severely Injured as Mobile Phone Explodes

    This happened a month back but did not see any posts about it. The IE the day after had an article that offered more explanation as to what actually happened. it...
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    Lifetime validity on prepaid mobile plans and deactivation

    Numerous talk time recharge options are available for prepaid and they claim to have lifetime validity. What does lifetime mean ? as long as the telco has a license to operate in your circle. So long as you have enough balance which never expires and if that balance is sufficient you need not...
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    Validity discrepancy on prepaid recharge

    Wanted to recharge a 3g plan on airtel here in karnataka. RC145 on airtels site says 28 days validity. when i went to a local shop and had it done i find out its only 21 days of validity. When i ask the guy in the shop about it he says airtel has reduced the validity. When i called up airtel's...
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    Money matter

    There is a scene in the movie (1:40) 'eyes wide shut' where tom cruise tears a $100 bill in half in the hopes of getting the taxi driver to wait and on his return he would get the other half. Have often wondered whether the same would work with rupees ie whether a torn half note taped together...