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    Do I need an iPhone to be able to publish my app to iOs app store?

    I am working on app called intervieuu. The Android version is ready and I have outsourced the job of creating the iOs app to a developer. Now, the app is almost done and ready to be published. I registered for the Apple Id and tried to pay the developer fee of 99$. But Apple is asking me to...
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    iPhone 6 - 10 to 11K

    The physical condition of the phone is not important to me, but it should be without any issues. Both the cameras, all the sensors should be in working condition. Preferably about 1.5 to 2 years old. I can pay 10 to 11K. Hit me with offers!
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    GoDaddy shared hosting issue - what are my options?

    I have created an Web API application. This application has an API that communicates with Google API and returns a result. Now, the issue is, when I run my application locally, it runs fine. Google returns me a response and I can process it. But when I host this application on my shared...
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    FS: Photography Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens - Canon mount - just 15995 Rs.

    I would like to sell my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM lens. It's more than 5 years old. It works perfectly - there are absolutely no issues with it. It comes with both the lens caps and the amazing original Sigma bag. The lens is Canon mount. Reason for selling: not being used much. Original...
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    Laptops What does this sensor on my laptop do?

    I recently got a laptop from my office. It's Dell Latitude E6420. I can see a sensor on my laptop, but don't know what it is. Can you please tell me what does it do? Please see the attached pics.
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    FS: Video Card Galaxy NVidia GeForce GT 610 2GB DDR3 card in warranty - just 1795Rs.

    Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card in perfect working condition. Bought on 25 Aug 12, hence warranty till 24 Aug 15. A photocopy of the bill can be provided. This is the same card.
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    FS: Others Sound blaster Audigy SE sound card and 8" digital frame

    Sound blaster Audigy SE sound card Card is in very good condition. About 3 years old, not in warranty. If you are using onboard audio, this card will simply blow your mind. The difference will be unbelievable. See these links.
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    FS: Photography Canon 50mm 1.8 II for just 3995 Rs!

    Item for Sale: Canon 50mm 1.8 II Asking Price: 3995 Item Location: Pune Item Description: In excellent condition. Physically 9/10, optically 9/10. Some dust, no fungus. Selling as bought Sigma 30mm 1.4. Are you the original owner of the item being sold? Yes Do you have the original Bill? Yes...
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    PC Peripherals Sound card and graphics card are both PCI E X 16, now what?

    I recently bought a PC. This is the motherboard. This is my existing sound card...
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    WTB Core i5 laptop for 22K

    May or may not have warranty. Must be in good condition. Must have some proof of purchase. Should be 1-1.5 years old. Dell laptops preferred.
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    WTB Redmi 1S/Lenovo A6000 or similar mob ph for 5-6K

    The phone must be in good condition and should have at least 3 months' warranty. Bill/warranty card is must. I am in Pune.
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    Android How's your experience of reading pdf ebooks on a tablet?

    I love to read books and hence I am thinking of buying a tablet. I mostly read magazines which are in pdf format. I hardly read any ebooks in epub format. I currently read them on my phone and on my desktop PC. But this has its own set of problems. When reading on phone, if I go ahead with the...
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    WTB Android tablet for 6-7K

    Must be in good condition. No indian/chinese brands please. Gr8 if it's in warranty. If don't get one here, will be forced to buy HP Slate 7 for 7K on FK.
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    Budget 21-30k Need everything except the monitor...

    What is your budget? 24K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) AMD X2 3800+ and M2NMX (Will be selling this...) Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - Viewsonic VA1912w 1TB WD HDD Creative...
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    FS: Others 8" dig photo frame,Sandisk MP3 player,DDR2 RAM,Sensor cleaning kit,Gamepad,CPU fan...

    Product Name: Bush 8” digital photo frame Expected Price: Rs 1799 1599 1499 Shipping charges : At actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: In brand new condition - got as a Diwali gift. Checked for defects, works...
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    FS: Photography Better photography magazines in Pune - 41 copies

    Product Name: Better photography magazines – 41 copies Expected Price: Rs 20 each Shipping charges : NA – I am not shipping these. Manufacturer page : Description if any: Copies are in very good shape. Offer – get 3 special issues and 8 RD magazines if you buy ALL...
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    WTB Graphics card - budget 3K

    Must be in warranty. Must have HDMI and DVI ports.
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    Graphic Cards Graphics card for light gaming

    Need a graphics card for light gaming. My config is AMD X2 3800+, Asus M2NMX, 2 GB Ram, CM 450W PSU. I will be playing racing games that are at least 3 year old. No latest games. My budget is 3K. The card must have HDMI and DVI outputs. Any suggestions?
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    PC Peripherals A good mobile phone repair shop/a PC repair shop in Pune?

    As the title says, need a good, reliable mobile phone repair shop/a PC repair shop in Pune. Need to get a phone's touchscreen panel replaced, a graphics card repaired. If you have used anyone's services, please let me know.
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    Android HTC incredible S behaving weirdly...

    The phone is about 6 months old. Not in warranty. When I start the phone, it behaves in a strange manner. Applications are opened randomly. Even when I don't touch the phone, buttons are clicked. Touch screen doesn't respond to my touches and capacitive buttons at the bottom don't work. I showed...