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  1. challapradyumna

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Cool :) .
  2. challapradyumna

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Can you ship it to Houston,TX ?
  3. challapradyumna

    FS: Others Garage Sale -Fire TV 4K, Android TV box, SSD's & HDD's

    Interested in the TV Box if it's the same as
  4. challapradyumna

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Is Houston near by to ship?
  5. challapradyumna

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Available? . Willing to buy.
  6. challapradyumna

    You Broadband offers 100mbps up to 125Gb,2mbps post fup at 598/mo

    Any You Broadband users in Bangalore, especially Indiranagar area?
  7. challapradyumna

    Laptops USB Ports not working

    The ports are shown as working in device manager but when i connect , mouse or a pendrive nothing works .Not even power is coming out of the ports .
  8. challapradyumna

    Car & Bike Indian Cabs Services Feedback Thread (Uber,Ola,Meru Etc)

    My overall experience with uber was much better compared to Ola . Also the pricing , Ola took 1k form bangalore to airport and while coming back the same distance Uber took 550 .
  9. challapradyumna

    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    4 Years old , HP Pavilion DM4 , i5 - 4GB Ram , HD 6370
  10. challapradyumna

    Money or Peace of Mind ?

    Currently trying to implement Option A , towards a goal of Option C (No Work) :D
  11. challapradyumna

    Wat's Ur Educational Qualification?

    This thread is so old that i got a new degree and a job after my previous reply .. :p . Now M.Tech Computer Science Completed .
  12. challapradyumna

    Audio Ultra Portable Over the ear headphones

    I have been using the ATH Sj11 since last 8 months and a few days back there was a loose connection near the pin . Looking to buy something similar . The only other headphone that can be folded that i found is Sony MDR ZX110 . Are there any other options ? Any other inputs would be helpful ...
  13. challapradyumna

    Programming USB Devices

    There are ready made Boards that have integrated Sensors Infrared , ambient light etc . They have USB interfaces for their development boards . I want to learn not just for that particular device but anything that has a USB interface .
  14. challapradyumna

    Programming USB Devices

    There are cheap infrared and light sensors on the market . I got interested in using them but do not know where to start . If any one has worked in this line could show me some pointers where to start . Thanks .
  15. challapradyumna

    Help Needed : Creating dynamic charts with php and calling ajax on other page !

    This may be late but you need to make the code in the question more specific. Highlight where you are facing the problem. As far as i can understand you are trying to load an entire file from JS and display it . Instead you need to just get the required data from the process file in JSON/XML and...
  16. challapradyumna

    Amazing! A Programming Environment In Your Browser

    Check Out . It is seriously awesome.
  17. challapradyumna

    Audio Random IEM / Headphone Rants

    Did anyone tried ATH SJ11 or SJ33 . I don't know if they are on the same level but how do they compare to Soundmagic PL11 ?
  18. challapradyumna

    WTB IEM around 1k

    Location preference : Bangalore . IEM around 1k