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    coupons/deals for Nexus 7

    Keep us posted on how that goes!
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 excellent condition, 8GB card+box+all accessories+warranty

    Up for sale is a gently used, Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 in excellent condition. There are no scratches or dents on the phone at all. Phone is 10 months old and has 2 months of manufacturer warranty remaining. The phone has been sparingly used and has always been covered with a scratch protector...
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    Samsung Galaxy S II launched on May 25th - Retail Availability in June

    Guys, I need to pick one up over the weekend in Delhi. Does anyone know if I can get one for less than 30K? I can travel to GGN or Noida no problem. All shops in my area have it priced between 31k and 32k. A free beer if anyone can help me with this. :)
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    Mobile for 10k- 12k- buying advice

    I'd suggest increasing your budget slightly for the Moto Defy at 13.8K.
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    Need the best possible camera phone under 10K

    Guys - I'm planning to buy the best possible camera phone for under 10k for my girlfriend. When I say the best, I'm referring to the optical quality of the camera and not just raw megapixels. Any suggestions are welcome but I'd highly prefer a smartphone. A touch screen based smartphone would...
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    Is the Nexus S good Buy at 20K?

    Neither one does. I remember reading somewhere that the 720p mentioned on that page referred to the 720x480 resolution and not an actual HD resolution. Some guys over on XDA are still working on enabling true HD recording along with a host of other features but it will take some time.
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    Samsung Galaxy S II launched on May 25th - Retail Availability in June

    Those pics of the Attain look fake to me - look at the buttons on the dock and the power button the phone. It's either an artist mockup of the real phone or just another fake.
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    Is the Nexus S good Buy at 20K?

    It's not just India - only the US and a small part of the UK market have gotten the SAMOLED model while the rest of the world has the SLCD model.
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    Motorola Defy for 13.8k at Letsbuy

    I read somewhere that buying in advance from Letsbuy is a sure shot way of getting your hands burnt as customer care is almost non existent - is that true? Is COD the way to go when ordering stuff from that web site? Good deal btw.
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    Is the Nexus S good Buy at 20K?

    Damn! At 19K it's an amazing deal! Do we have to use an ICICI cc to use that code?
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    Samsung Galaxy S II Dual Core Mobile Phone

    In if the GO can be executed before 15th June. I can pick it up too no issues with that. I'm in south Delhi btw - where's this dealer located?
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    All my orders still say 'processing' even though I had ordered on the 1st. Hope they don't get canceled! :D
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    OMG got my camera within 24 hours of placing the order! That's absolutely amazing!
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    BB Curve 8900 or Bold 9700

    Hey guys, hope everyone's doing great. Feels great to be back on TE after ages. Anyways, as the title says I'm looking out for a BB Curve 8900 or Bold 9700. Condition should be good to excellent but nothing with a cracked LCD etc. No other BBs please. I'm based in Delhi so a local seller would...