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    A mini-project ideas needed

    Re: A mini-project ideas Whats the sort of time frame you are looking at and how many team members?
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    Nokia E52 - available in India ?

    I know I am bumping up an old thread, but if anyone has news about the Nokia E52 or the Nokia E55 and when they are to hit the Indian market it would be very helpful. I dont have a NPD (Nokia Priority Dealer) close to my place so went to Croma. The salesman there did tell me that one of the two...
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    Listening Electronica

    This sounds much better indeed :D
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    Happy Birthday XT !

    Thank you all once again. :)
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    Listening Electronica

    Cant, busy tomorrow. Thats why I wont be able to make it to the meet either :(
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    Happy Birthday XT !

    Thanks a lot for the wishes people :) As opposed to the common view, I dont drink so no crushed bottles etc. (no I dont crush Batlee either :P ). My day was spent in office. To those who wished me here and who wished me off this place too. Thanks once again.
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    Listening Electronica

    I was looking for tracks I could possibly hear on youtube or the likes. Will try out ASOT's 440 and 441.
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    Listening Electronica

    Any specific new tunes that are worth listening to? Been out of touch with the latest ASOT's etc for a while now.
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    Help with a College VB project

    Hmm, coding what I suggested isnt too difficult. If he managed to create the project himself, this should be a breeze. A new outlook to the same will be knowledgeable for everyone though.
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    Help with a College VB project

    There is a workaround, not the most effective if you dont want to mess up with the exe setup. After the installation, and at the run of your VB application, on the splash screen, do a ping to the database. See if the required database exists. If it does not, then prompt the user and create the...
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    Rain update for Mumbai

    These are not the heavy rains we see in monsoon but rather the on-off low intensity rains. I doubt its going to create water logging issues anywhere. BTW, I am speaking of the rains in Kharghar, am not sure about other areas.
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    What is your worst slip of tongue?

    While your slip of tongue may involve some obscene words or curses, kindly refrain from converting this thread into one which goes on to discuss what they mean and their variety. Consider this as an official warning to everyone. Repeated offense will lead to a lock up of the thread and possible...
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    17" LG 700E CRT, Black, No Warranty

    On hold for Muzzi. Also interested - lulu27, via PM.
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    17" LG 700E CRT, Black, No Warranty

    On hold for Muzzi.
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    17" LG 700E CRT, Black, No Warranty

    Hi, I have a 3+ Years old (As far as I remember, 4th April 2006), LG 700E 17" CRT Monitor which is for sale. There is no warranty on the product. I shall provide testing warranty, for which you will have to visit my place and can test the monitor to your satisfaction, no future warranty after...
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    used monitor any

    Hi, I have a 17" CRT Black, LG 700 E. It is more than 3 yrs old and has no warranty. I was going to put up a FS thread here shortly. Let me know if you are interested. (The FS thread should be up by evening). Edit...
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    915 motherboard 775 socket

    Read the forum rules before posting. It is mandatory for posting the pics of the products for sale. Thread closed.
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    Happy B'day Bikey and Rushabht

    Heres wishing you guys a very Happy B'day!! Hope you have a great day, party hard and have an amazing year ahead!! PS: I await a treat from both of you :P
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    Something I found

    Thread closed and link removed. Kindly refrain from posting content which is NSFAA.