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    ping to windows not working help

    I am on a network with one comp on linux and other on windows from windows i am able to ping linux comp but not the other way can anyone help me on whats the problem I have ipsec turned off
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    What will Zune look like

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    Press the Button - Insane Game

    i dont want to say anything here it is upto you to find out how much you enjoy it :D Push the Button
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    About Certifications

    Hi friends i thought i could gain some gyaan from you people regarding different certifications like ccna,ccnp,mcp,java certifications et al i am doing be(cse) now and am contemplating doing one of these but i now basically have a lot of doubts like: 1)how to decide what certificatn to take...
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    symantec settings problem

    recently i have been getting the foll message immediately after system boot after the desktop shows up: Some symantec product settings have been changed by a program.this might indicate that an attacker or a virus in under work so for safety sake the product settings will be reverted to the...
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    about credit card

    Can anyone tell me how to find if a credit card is internationally accepted just by looking at it?
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    Executing commands on a network

    can anyone tell me if there is a way to sit on one comp in a network and issue commands like the normal dos ones to another comp on the network and after the command gets executed on that comp the o/p must be passed back to the comp on which i issued it and displayed to me!
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    problem with my isp

    the problem is that that F*** Isp has banned certain site and that never displays in my browser so how do i acces that site from home? also i tried: but that displays only a few pages in it and not all! how can i fool that f***in isp? just cant get angrier mainly because it is...
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    Trevor Chappel underarm delivery

    here is the video showing that shameful act guys a good one for ppl like us of this generation to watch
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    what is the logic behind?

    Recently i installed a demo program that requires activation within 30 days failing which it would be unusable everyday it would show me the no. of days remaining so i thought tht it relies on the system clock to calculate the time and i changed the time to point to 2-3 days earlier so that i...
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    What dou think of this man

    i thought of sharing this with you all it is just a 400KB file so see it friends
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    Amazing music using only windows sounds

    do tell me whether you like it or not after visiting this
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    about trillian

    is it possible to show ourselves as invisible to certain users and visible to certain others in trillian supposing i am logged in a yahoo account and i wanna sign in starting with the invisible mode itself! and how must that be done?anyone know that i tried a lot and still didnt achieve that
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    Hostel Warden

    first take this test and then go here see the results Test Paper for Wardenship Time: 10 minutes Max Marks: 30 (1) A student calls you at 2:00 am at the dead of the night complaining that his PC hard-disk is missing. As a warden, you: 1. offer...
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    Does God exist-Yes says a Mathematician

    first the courtesy part: any math lovers out here who are atheists? well i really dont understand some parts of the probably some geeks can chip in with their thoughts but to me it really appeared convincing...
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    hello friends

    Hi i am a real newbie over here so i want help from you geeks over there i just joined this forum by sheer luck and crawling around i feel my gk in tech and comp is very less.of course i like all posts as they are informative i want to be well informed and tell me friends how do you...
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    Hi friends i am new to this whole process of installing an OS and i have never done it before. at present i have win98 which is installed on C: and my D: drive has other data now i have been having 98 for the past 4-5 months and i wanna change over as it is boring. can anyone tell me in detail...