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    Urgent Help Required-Big Amount Stuck- :@

    Urgent Help Required-Big Amount Stuck- :@ Thanks for having a look. I have around 3 year old account with Ebay. Recently i sold Xbox worth 14500/- to a buyer in US (Got his US number with me) but delivery was in india. All process happened smoothly and today i was suppose to get my...
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    Flexible Joints Tripod Stand for Camera/Handy Cam

    Features & Specifications: * Flexible joints to adjust the stand’s height, width, shape * Joints can rotate 360 to form any shape * Link attachment for camera with tripod * Lock to ensure better safety for your camera * Ring and foot grips for better grip on any...
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    Halo 3 and Forza 2 - 360 -Xbox Games - Unpacked - Original - PAL

    Both games are 100% original , brand new and unopened. MRP: 2195/- each Asking Price: 850/- Each + Shipping. Combo offer: 1700 inclusive shipping. At risk of being rude, please avoid cluttering thread with comments on pricing. If you want to buy, just PM me.
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    Brand New - UnPacked- Onkyo HTS-3100 - 5.1 Home Theater - DTS/Dolby Digital with Warr

    Home Theater Systems : HT-S3100 | ONKYO Asia and Oceania Website Bought it from E Zone Pune - Bill Available. However they delayed delivery by a month and i bought Z5500 in meantime:). So want to clear it off. It is Brand new, Black and company sealed. I will prefer pune buyer, however if...
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    Brand new unpacked box 360 arcade console

    FS:: Brand new Sealed box 360 arcade console BRAND NEW UNPACKED BOX 360 ARCADE CONSOLE is for sale. I received it as Gift and want to sell it off. It will come with a xerox of Bill (Dated 15 May 10) and whatever warranty offered by manufacturer with it. It is sealed and not even opened by me...
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    20% Flat on Movie Tickets - For Pune City Members - E Square University Road.

    All right Here is Deal. I can avail you Flat 20% discount on multiplex movie tickets. Currently offer is for Pune members and for E-Square , University road, Pune. Depending on trial period and success rate, i will extend it nationwide. Process: 1. Send me a PM with ticket requirements...
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    Brand New Z5500 - @17550/- DoorStep Delivery - 2 Yr Manufacturer Warrenty

    Hi Mates, How is this Deal? Brand New Z5500 - 17550/- Door Step all india Delivery. With Credit Card Option If you pay by ICICI, you can opt for 3/6 Months EMI. 2 Year Manufacturer warrenty. So it is 100% safe and secure transaction. Please let me know if anybody is seriously interested. I...
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    Cashless Mediclaim : Hospital Asking for 5% Extra. Is it Justified?

    Mediclaim : Hospital Asking for 5% Extra. Is it Justified? Need some info. Recently my family member is admitted to ICU in a reputed hospital due to medical emergency. Hospital is in cashless facility of my mediclaim facility. It means i dont have to pay anything as long as my expenses are...
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    3.5' USB External Enclosure eSATA - for 1.5TB

    Looking for 3.5' USB External Enclosure eSATA - for 1.5TB. Pune sellers preferred. I am open for offers.
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    Handy Cam ... Which one ?

    Need to buy one asap. Not sure Which company? Technology? (DVD or HDD) Where? Battery type? I need it with moderate battery life and good long storage. I have no clue what is better. Please help.
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    Laptops Suggest Better Deal

    I am looking for a lappy for general use. Nothing specific about usage, occasional gaming but mostly day to day office use and surfing. Cost wise which one is better deal? PS: I am not in need of mobile a well as camera !
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    Dalal street online subscription: Worth? interested?

    Dalal street online subscription: Worth? interested? I was looking for a insight about industry as well as share market. I was updated that Dalal Street is very old and very good @ what they offer. Is it? However it is bit expensive 65/- per issue and about 1400/- per year Is it worth...
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    Kesari Tours Feedback and Input for Group Booking

    Kesari Tours Feedback and Input for Group Booking Hi all .. I am looking for your feedback for Kesari Tours (international package) if you have used their services in past. I could not find any -ve feedback on net. Also i could not locate any community or blog for group booking references. I...
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    Legal ? By any Chance?

    Let pic do the talking 3 Days back mirror was flashing a news that car owner was fined as he was using Govt Symbols. Looking at same repetitions .. it seems that nobody cares.:@
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    Paying LIC premium Using Credit Card

    Hi M8es, I know i can pay premium on LIC site however they are offering only Direct Bank Debit. Any idea where can i pay my LIC premium using credit card in Pune or Mumbai or some service provide like bill desk? as amount is considerable. Thanks
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    Xp - Erratic

    Hi m8's i have started getting this error. If i close pop, my net connectivity STOPS though connectivity icon stays. Only solution is Restart. No new hardware/software/driver added. I am using current setup for 9 months - no issues. Tried: Restored OS image, but no avail, error still pops...
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    SEO - SEM - Resources

    Hi M8s, I am working on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in terms of its scope (Global/Domestic) , market research, major dominant players, market share especially towards business strategy formulation for SEO as a product/service. Would appreciate pointers...
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    FS @ 50% - Big Bazar Coupon issued Under * The Great Exchange Offer *

    For Pune Buyers Only -- Holding Some Extra Coupons Big Bazar issued Under * The Great Exchange Offer * Details: Valid Till: 1 Mar 09 Can Be Used Only @ : Kothrud Big Bazar Available Face Value Amount : 8500/- Price: 50% of Coupon Face Value. Tip: Can Avail Big Saving for U , if want to buy...
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    Some cool Microsoft Magic !!

    Might be a repetition ... for those who dont know... :) MAGIC #1 An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON". This is something pretty cool. TRY IT NOW ,IT WILL NOT CREATE " CON " FOLDER MAGIC #2 For those of you using Windows...
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    Am I missing out something ...

    ok .. lot of action has happened on this thread yesterday. But now i am not able to access it. Am i missing something.