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    Ethernet based camera CCTV Setup Recommendations

    Folks, I am planning to switch over to Ethernet based CCTV Setup. Any recommendations?
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    Budget 71-90K PC For 4k Encoding (Ryzen)

    Hi, I am looking for configuration on similar line as mentioned here: Am looking for recommendations that I can source in India. Kindly let me know the local price (at which I am expected to...
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    FS: Others Power Supply : Generic.

    Expected : 400 shipped.
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    Siriui HC 50 - Where can I get best deal.

    Looking for best deal for Siriui HC50.
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    Need assistance with SIES College SION-E Mumbai.

    Friends, I need small help with transcript from the said college. I have tried calling them and even dropped a mail, but haven't had any response. Can someone please help me with same? -LT
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    CPU/Mobo Need 4 HDMI Port Card / Mother board for Video Streaming.

    Buddies, As mentioned, need 4 HDMI Port Card/Mother board for FHD video streaming on 4 40“ LED TV. No gaming just Digital CCTV streams. Budget : Right Performance vs Price ratio.No one?
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    Budget 5-10K Minimum Kit Kat, Bluetooth v4 LE, Integration with Wahoo

    I have Wahoo Blue SC and HR devices that I use while biking and integrate with my Nexus 4. Now I don't want to put my Nexus 4 in harms way and hence would like to have another phone that has minimally kit kat and cost less that 6k. Here are the devices that I am interested in Integration...
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    Suggest Good Quality BLDC if possible bipolar motor.

    Hi can you please suggest Good Quality bipolar bldc motor? Something that can take 12 v, bit of load and durable?
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    PC Peripherals WTB: Online Real Time UPS

    Gentlemen, I would like to buy an online ups for catering to 620 W SMPS. I have following requirements: a. Provide Online Capabilities and not line interactive. In short, I don't want my equipments to be directly connected to external power source. b. If the UPS can be integrated to a Unix...
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    CPU/Mobo WTB: Asus Z9PA-D8, Xeon Processor (Nehru Place/Delhi)

    I am in Noida/Delhi and am planning to purchase the said combo. Any hints where I can get the best price? Thanks +LT
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    CPU/Mobo WTB: Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4, Intel i7-4930K, (Corsair/GSKILL) 8x8GB DDR3

    Guys, Any ideas where I can get the best deal for subject combo? I am open for Online transaction as well. Do you have any other better recommendation? Please bear in mind I need them for home virtualization lab, either Xen or VMWare. Thanks. LT
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    Budget 90k+ Want to buy Virtualization VMware Based System (32GB RAM)

    I am going to need system to solve following problem: 1. Ability to run about 8VM's each at 8GB RAM each. 2. Start with 64GB RAM but that's not the limit. 3. Pure virtualization is the requirement here, no games, no video rendering. CPU/RAM would be used purely for running VM's via ESX. What...
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    Obihai 110/100 Help

    I have two devices 110 and 100. And I am at my wits end on how to configure them with following use case: 1. Using Phone Port dial short cuts and the actual number is dialed. For, e.g, if I dial a number *1, the actual number 16032191234 gets dialed out on the only SIP registered SIP1. 2. This...
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    Please suggest good quality CAT5e Cable.

    Folks, I am in need to buy some good quality Cat5e cable that will last through rough terrain. Its going to run about 100 meters and may face sun and weather. We had some wires previously and they I guess got brittle and are not usable anymore. Uses are for CCTV wiring. If possible please...
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    Recommend Inverter Freeze | 300 L | Frost Free

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in lookout for a new freeze and am looking for recommendation for same. It seems at the moment that only Samsung have I am looking for: Are there any concerns/issues that you...
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    Geeks, Need help w/ Society Software

    Folks, As the title mentions I am looking for society software that can manage following: 1. Tight integration with Google, Facebook for authentication. 2. Provide various level of authorization. 3. Tight integration with Google Apps (if possible). 4. Allow our own domain name usage. 5...
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    Nexus 4 | Sim card doesn't allow a connection to this network

    Folks, Got this phone from the US directly from Google and now I am getting this error while trying to connect to idea sim in Pune. This sim works fine with other phone. Any recommendation? +LT
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    CPU/Mobo CPU and RAM recommendation for MSI B75IA-E33

    Folks, I have got this motherboard from Singapore, can you please recommend CPU and RAM for pure HTPC uses. Regards, LTAnyone?
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    Howto: Transmission + GTalk.

    Folks, I had this with me for about an year, I am now distributing the source under GPLv3: Please head over there and checkout using git. Let me know how it works out. @varkey, here you go. +LT
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    Pathetic Tata Docomo 3G Speeds at Pune/Nagpur, Maharashtra.

    Pathetic Tata Docomo 3G Speeds in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. - YouTube Subscription : 8149174521 Issue Id: M11125487 Am I alone, or there are other people like me? What to do? CC at best are bunch of retards who are janitors of the windows world. Any help any one?