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    Notion Adam taking orders for Adam

    Got an email from Notion Ink last evening. Pricing for India. LCD-Wifi - INR 19000 LCD-Wifi-3g - 24000 PQi-Wifi - INR 24000 Pqi-Wifi-3g - INR 27000 Add INR 2999 for Shipping , Customs, Taxes & Handling Charges. No real price drop. Is it worth it ?????? Here's a transcript of the email:
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    A sad day for Notion Ink. Adam gets a 3/10 rating on engadget

    Notion Ink Adam review -- Engadget :(
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    Sony KLV-32EX400 for 31700 on ebay. Is it worth it ?

    I've been on a lookout for a 32 inch. I came across this today. Its considerably cheaper than what the MRP is. eBay India: SONY BRAVIA EX SERIES KLV-32EX400 LCD TV 32 INCHES 32" (item 280492252744 end time 21-Apr-2010 08:00:00 IST) I live in Mumbai and the seller is in Kolkata. Will duty come...
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    Storage Solutions Which VFM NAS should I buy ?

    Really need a network drive now. Will essentially keep avi's, mp3's flac's on them. Was thinking of goin in for this. Buffalo Linkstation Live. Got a quote of 10.2K for the 250 gigs and 11.9K for the 320. I was planning to go in for the 250 and later upgrade the hdd and install Freelink FreeLink...
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    Guess who dropped in ? 13'' of Anger !!!!

    Definately not a hardware show-off, this..but.. I'll let a few pics do the talking. Will do a proper photoshoot and put up some more pics later !!!
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    Virgin + Google = Virgle

    They are going to take over the world...uhhh.. other worlds Virgle: The Adventure of Many Lifetimes
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    Asus EeePC

    Spoke to Mr Santosh Dhameja (referred by Ragin_ice) He's selling the 4GB SSD 512MB RAM version for this rate. Just spoke to him about a bulk order. He said to give him an exact number and we can negotiate on a price. delivery time 3-4 days. Lets take a head count.
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    Streets of Mumbai !

    Just read this article.. Zip across a virtual Mumbai- Hindustan Times .. Some crazy shite.. hahaha.. Now we might actually have a setting to take traffic off the roads of Mumbai
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    Should I buy this C320BEE ??

    I'm getting a used NAD c320bee for INR 10k. it is around two years old. No warranty but a fairly reliable source. What do you think people, should i buy it ?:huh: :huh:
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    FOUND: Original God of War II. Rs 1500 only

    For all the buyers of originals :) This dude has the PAL version of God of War II... Which I am currently playing. :) He has 6 left. eBay India: God of War 2 II (Original Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Game) (item 160123563339 end time 09-Jun-2007 14:06:00 IST) Cheers.
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    HELP: Converting Bitmaps into Vector Drawings

    I have simple images I need to convert to vector drawings. Solid figures, no shading nothing. Can anyone recommend an application/process to do it quickly, with minimum effort, yet effectively. Appreciate any help.
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    Does any one else follow Heroes over here. I watched the 20th episode recently and was like WTF !!!!! Cant wait for the next one !!
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    Mundu IM for Handhelds

    MobileCrunch » Mundu IM V4: Mobile IM On the Cheap Official Website of Mundu IM
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    HELP: Taking TheITDepot to Consumer court

    I am at the end of the line here. These guys over at theItDepot have taken me to a new level of frustration. I am planning on taking the matter to a Consumer court. I would gladly accept any kind of advice on anything regarding filing a complaint, etc. etc. Here's my story. On the 20th of May...
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    PS2 Original Games Available In Chroma... Reasonable prices too

    I visited the new Chroma in Malad near Dmart (Mumbai) and found PS2 games, at very reasonably prices. GT4, God of War, F106 were all INR 999. New games were expensive 2K and up, but still not the stupid rates they were available earlier. These seem to be distributed by...
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    New Controller

    Now only to get a better mount and TV :) "][/URL] Cheers.:hap2:
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    ICO and Shadow of the Collosus - Discussion Thread

    I completed Shadow of the Collossus today and wrote something about it for my blog. Just thought I'd post a bit of what I did. (modified it a bit to fit here :) ). Will post a review for the two games when I find the time to write them. As for SotC and ICO, well, here's how my story goes. I've...
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    CPU/Mobo S3G Unichrome Pro IGP widescreen blues

    Dont Ask me why, but I've been trying to set the native 1440X900 resolutions on a Samsung 940bw using the integrated graphics of an Asus K8VMX. I dont get any options to set widescreen resolutions at all. The S3G Unichrome Pro IGP does support widescreen resolutions and I've the latest (July...
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    PC Peripherals Vga Convertor Availability in Mumbai ??

    As the title says, I'm looking for a device which converts a PAL component, s-video or composite input to VGA.. i.e. a device which will allow me to connect my ps2/dvd player to my monitor. I know it's available abroad (I've added a couple of links). Want to know if its available here in Mumbai...
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    Biggest MMORPG Scam

    Just read this. A MMORPG Blog is running this story of how a guy pulled off one of the biggest scams in MMORPG history. QJ.NET - MMORPG Blog - 24/7 Coverage of the Latest MMORPG News - Biggest scam in EVE Online history Its over a week old, but this dude has seriously pWn3d some unsuspecting...