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    Javascript/HTML5/CSS implementing video onclick

    Hey Guys I have a couple of images. If image 1 is clicked the player window should play videos/video-abc.mp4, if image 2 is clicked it should play videos/video-xyz.mp4. Currently I am using video tag(HTML5) like such <video width="320" height="215" controls="controls"> <source...
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    SQL 70-433 certification

    Hey Guys, Want to do this certification. I reckon somebody would have already done this in TE. So how long does it take to clear this? How to go about it - dumps etc? I would call myself an intermediate level user since I have worked with MySQL. Lmk, thanks.
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    24inch LCD with HDMI to hook up 360

    Looking to buy a 24inch LCD with HDMI port to hook up my xbox 360. My location is Hyderabad, will only buy local. Let me know your quotes.
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    Budget 60k, pls advise for gaming PC

    I have been out of touch of the hardware market for a while now, thus I am bit clueless of the latest price-performance hardware trends. My budget is 60k for a PC to be built only for gaming. Could you suggest a configuration keeping in mind the following - This does not include the cost of...
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    What shoes do you wear when training/running?

    So i was wondering what shoes do you guys wear when working out - weight training or when running? I am switching between Nike Lunarglide+2 and the Air Max Moto 8. & However I am in the market for these claws now. Any idea where I can lay my hands on these, online or off?
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    Car & Bike Drift vs Grip? Which will give me a better lap time?

    I am somewhat new to Go-Karting, I want to understand - in order to improve my lap time, is grip better than drift? I generally tend to go for late apex(pedal to the metal till the very end), and then instead of closing in on the apex, i maintain a certain distance and drift. This gives me...
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    Any Chartered Financial Analyst?

    I want to do the CFA course, could anyone point me in the right direction, how to go about it, where can I find the resources etc?
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    Xbox Live and Debit Card no go?

    I have an offer of Rs.100 for 2 month gold membership which I want to avail. I have tried adding my debit card and making payment through it, but it fails every time with an error code. How do I play online for cheap? Thanks
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    Halo Reach PAL

    I want to buy a used copy of Halo Reach.
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    PC Peripherals Which bluetooth keyboard for my tablet?

    I have Samsung galaxy tab and I am looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to go along with it. I am not going for the official Samsung accessory because it will limit the usage to just the tab. I will also use it occasionally with my desktop. Looking for something like this -> MS Bluetooth Mobile...
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    Anybody used a tablet?

    I am considering buying this - eBay India: Genius G-PEN F509 Slim Tablet (item 270739334296 end time 22-May-2011 23:02:38 IST) Genius G-PEN F509 Slim Tablet The reviews say it does the job quite well for its price. I am considering this primarily for taking down notes as people speak, in my...
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    Ps3 move sharpshooter, are we getting it?

    Do we have this available in stores in India like Reliance Digital or Croma? If not I guess I should buy it from a GameStop in Norway itself while I am here, what do you say. It would be a pain to carry it though.
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    Problem with my new 360?

    I bought a new 360 slim 4GB recently. I have already finished a few games and it has been running perfectly alright, until I tried these two games Kane and Lynch 2 and Mafia 2. I bought used copies of these games from the local gamestop. As soon as I put either of these discs in the drive, the...
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    Top 360 picks today/till date

    Hey Guys! I recently got myself a 360 Slim for the Easter. After my launch 360 had conked off 3 months into its life, I did not dare to get myself one until now. I bought crysis 2 and NFS:HP to kickstart, finished them already. So since I have been totally out of the xbox gaming scene, I need a...
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    Need a smartphone, pls suggest

    I am looking to buy a new phone. My consideration set comprises of Nokia E72 v/s BB Bold 9700 HTC Desire v/s Samsung Galaxy S -- cheap build, plasticky In the end I am going to buy only one of these phones, but I am not able to decide which of these 2 categories of phones to use. And then...
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    GOW Collection

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a copy of God Of War Collection for my Playstation 3 Disc/Manual/Case all should be in good condition. Please hit me with your reasonable price quotes through PM's. Thanks all for reading this.
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    SCJP - Need Help - Delhi

    Hey guys, need to do SCJP. Need a good teacher. Please suggest. Fyi I am not a total rookie. Don't suggest NIIT. I am from Gurgaon, but south Delhi is not far either. Please jaldi batao. :)
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    Xbox 360 wireless controller

    Selling a barely used Xbox 360 controller for a friend. It's in spearmint condition. Asking price - Rs.1050 shipped. PM me if you are interested. Thanks
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    Graphic Cards 5850 or second 4870, what say ?

    I have 4870 1GB OC, currently I game @1050p. Planning to upgrade to 1080p very soon. What do you guys suggest, keep current 4870 and get another one for CF or sell it off and get 5850 ? Jaldi batao. :hap5:
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    PC Peripherals Logitech Z 5500

    I need to buy logitech Z 5500, where from in Delhi can i get these - Are they available in NP ( Which shop ?) Let me know. Thanks :hap5: